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Hello dear, I am working on the domain libreriaalemana.cl my scenario: I am updating the data and images of products (books), price, stock, sku (isbn). I already have all the records updated, but there are many products without their image yet, I have those images whose file name is the isbn of the book = sku
My idea is to upload all the images by ftp and then insert the necessary records generating the necessary csv to import to the respective table and update the corresponding one. I did a test with a book
This one has id 2646 in w47fa_posts
1. I uploaded the image to the route
2. I inserted the record in w47fa_posts staying with id 8928 For the necessary data of the record, I was guided by another of an image that I uploaded normally via wordpress, this record of the image id 8928, its fields: post_parent = 2646 (product id ) / post_type = attachment / post_mime_type = image/jpeg
3. Then I updated in w47fa_postmeta the record post_id = 2646 in the meta_key = _thumbnail_id the meta_value = 8928 id of the image record.

I thought that with that I could already see the image of the book in the product, but surely I am missing some other linking record.

Could you please guide me what I am missing or a way to upload all the images and then link them to the products?

Thank you


Answered: 04/06/2020 12:18 am

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