V-16 lights go into effect this July 1: which vehicles are mandatory and where to buy them

This July 1 comes into force (DGT), in conjunction with the European institutions, which allows the use of the V-16 light in all vehicles in the event of a breakdown or road accident. The beginning of the end of the emergency triangles, which will become prohibited in the near future.

One of the most classic elements of the roads says goodbye due to its danger. Although it is conceived as an element to provide greater security in the event of an emergency stop, the emergency triangles will gradually disappear after being an icon since 1999.

And it is that this year they were introduced in the Spanish traffic regulations to have to use them whenever necessary due to a stop, breakdown or accident. At least 50 meters away from the vehicle, the use of triangles, however, has led to deaths due to their danger when placing them.

Why triangles are no longer used

Specifically, 32 deaths, not counting Catalonia and the Basque Country, only in 2019 and 2020. This is reflected by the DGT to report the danger of this tool that must be put on when getting out of the car, always with the reflective vest on, which forces the driver to walk along a road that in most cases has vehicles traveling at more than 100 kilometers per hour.

For all this, the new V-16 emergency lights. A much safer tool because, as if it were the classic lights of the secret police, they are placed on the hood of the car without having to get off it thanks to a magnet on the bottom.

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This exit should only be done, therefore, if there is a safe place for it or it is essential and always with the reflective vest already on. In addition, the V-16 lights are visible with 360 degrees up to 1 kilometer away and some have a device that sends the location every 100 seconds to the .

When will V-16s be mandatory?

In this way, the information reaches the rest of the drivers, as well as the agents and roadside assistance teams, to facilitate the repair of the damaged car or the rescue in the event of an accident. A new tool that can already be used from July 1 and will be mandatory, and thus emergency triangles prohibited, on January 1, 2026.

Do you have to carry them in any vehicle?

However, unless there is a future modification of the , the V-16 will not be mandatory in all vehicles. Only in passenger cars, buses, mixed vehicles and cars intended for the transport of goods (except those with three wheels and quadricycles), therefore motorcycles and mopeds do not have to use them.

However, it is recommended to carry them since they take up very little space (the triangles were not used because they did not fit in the trunk of the motorcycle) and they can help in an emergency. To do this, simply place them as high as possible on a flat surface and thus improve the visibility of the vehicle in the event of an emergency stop.

Where to buy them and at what price

Although most dealers already deliver these new lights free of charge with the purchase of a vehicle, as has been done for 22 years with the emergency triangles, for those old cars that want to use them or start equipping them before the mandatory 2026, already there are shops that sell these V-16 (although it is not ruled out that they put them up for sale again).

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This is the case of Carrefour, which, which has become more popular these days, for 32 euros (). With home delivery, this V-16 is approved by the DGT, works with batteries and has a field of vision of 1 kilometer.

In addition, there is a Smart version of it that has a Bluetooth connection and access to an application, Incidence App, which makes emergency calls or allows you to contact the insurance company. This costs 26.03 euros and .

Finally, there are other models such as the one sold by Norauto, for 14.95 euros. From the , it is also compatible with the Incidence App and has a visibility of up to 1 kilometer. Goodyear, Osram, Anzid or Motorkit are some other companies that sell this light, always approved, through Amazon with different prices, colors and characteristics.

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