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The panorama of companies presents a highly competitive environment, where going hand in hand with new trends is a key aspect. In this ambit has managed to become one of the most influential applications in the last two years, thanks to its short video format, thanks to which the Chinese application has managed to create a solid community of millions of users.

But, to continue strengthening its presence in the digital landscape, TikTok has begun to expand its functionalities in order to provide a more complete user experience. We can see this through strategic alliances with platforms such as Shopify, Vimeo either Canvasin addition to the incorporation of new formats, such as .

TikTok will extend the duration of your videos up to 5 minutes

It is true that the main feature of TikTok, and with what it has achieved the great impact it has caused, are its short videos. However, as their duration has grown, it has also grown a little, from the original 15 secondswith which it has managed to offer its creators a better way to creatively develop their content, going first to 60 seconds and recently to 3 minutes.

Now, his plans are to once again increase this duration to 5 minutes, as the social media expert Mat Navarra has advanced. As we see in the publication made by Navarra on Twitter, TikTok is sending notifications to some users informing them of the new duration of the videos.

Reaching 5 minutes would bring TikTok into a head-on collision with platforms like YouTube, intensifying the competition for leadership in the video format. Likewise, it would be a boost for the creativity of content creators, who with more recording time could innovate new types of content.

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Towards a TikTok with videos of up to 15 minutes

As we have mentioned TikTok has been busy in recent months continuously launching new tools, or announcing strategic alliances with new partners. In the case of the tools and improvements to its platform, they could seem risky actions, however, the social network has a secret to make these moves with greater security, douyin. Let us remember that this is the original version of the social network, available in China.

In this way, we can see how some of the latest TikTok updates had already been available for a while in its Chinese version, where it has a community of 600 million users to test the tools and assess their reception. For example, Douyin users are able to create videos of up to 15 minutes as of 2019, and it remains one of the most popular networks in the country. So we might expect a similar response with the 5-minute extension on the western version of the app.


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