18 crafts for Day of the Dead, creative and colorful!

if you are looking for Crafts for Day of the Dead You have come to the right place, because here I will show you examples of artistic projects with which it will be possible to decorate your store or even sell online and earn money.

From easy ideas that you can do with homemade materials to some with a higher degree of difficulty, here you will find crafts for the day of the dead with paper, recycled materials, balloons and more. Even some designed for children! Have scissors and glue at hand, it’s time to start your creative spirit.

How to make crafts for the Day of the Dead?

actually do crafts for the day of the dead It is not complicated at all, you just need to follow these steps to obtain beautiful artistic pieces to decorate the house, your office or your physical store.

  1. Plan what kind of craft you want to do.
  2. See craft ideas and examples online.
  3. Purchase or gather the necessary materials.
  4. Make the pieces.
  5. Use them to decorate your spaces.

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As you can see, it is very easy to make crafts for a date such as the Day of the Dead or the Halloween season, and thus achieve very nice results with materials that you may already have at home or things that you can get in almost any stationery store.

💡Tip: In addition to the Day of the Dead crafts that you will find online, you can search for Christmas or Valentine’s Day crafts and use the technique by applying seasonal colors or changing elements, such as skulls instead of hearts, for example.

Crafts for the Day of the Dead with paper

Now that you have a better idea of ​​how to craft, let me show you some examples of crafts for the day of the dead with paper what can you do at home It is very simple!

Altar of the dead with paper

Whether it is a downloadable template that you find on the internet or you decide to draw it yourself, this altar of the dead with paper is very easy to make and you can adapt it to the size you need, making it in large format or the size of a letter sheet. . You just need some colors, markers, paper and scissors to put it together.

handmade shredded paper

In addition to being a beautiful Mexican tradition, papel picado is one of the easiest crafts for the Day of the Dead, you just need Chinese paper, scissors and patience. You can follow one of the many tutorials that exist online to learn how to make different shapes and thus give it more versatility.

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crepe paper flower crown

If you want to decorate a door or the entrance of your store or home, flower crowns add color and atmosphere to any space. To make them you will need a cardboard circle and flowers made with crepe paper. You can add images of skulls to give it an even more special touch.

filigree skulls

Surely you have seen them applied in other seasons, such as Christmas or February 14 crafts. To make them you will need paper of different colors, glue, scissors and some cardboard to place your final work. You can use recycled materials or scraps of colored sheets that you have used in previous projects.

origami skulls

Not only are they easy to make, but with a little color they can make amazing Day of the Dead paper crafts. With white sheets and colored markers you can achieve incredible results. Dare to try it!

Day of the Dead crafts for kids

In case you need Day of the Dead crafts for children, here I share some easy options for the little ones to do. Each of these options will exercise your manual skills, as well as creativity and teamwork.

skulls with cardboard

You can start by drawing or printing the shapes of skulls, then ask the children to color the shapes with markers, crayons or colored pens. Once this is done, stick the skulls on cardboard to have a firmer support. Cut out the silhouette and they are ready.

balloon skulls

This alternative is very easy to do. You only need white balloons and black and colored markers. Blow up the balloons and draw skull faces on them. You can add color to make them look more colorful or if you wish, or use black balloons with silver or gold markers to give them a special touch.

catrina masks

Using paper plates or cardboard, draw and cut out the shape of a skull. With markers and colored crayons, bring the masks to life. Now you just need to cut out two holes for the eyes and glue on a craft stick or tongue depressor to hold the mask in place. You can spice it up even more by using sequins, pom poms and some glue for a cool result.

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Skulls with moldable foam

In case you require Day of the Dead crafts for older children, these skulls with moldable foam are a great alternative. You will need moldable foam in different colors, don’t forget to include white, plus some glue and modeling tools if you wish. You just need to make the figure of a skull and decorate it with flowers or figures made with foam in other colors. It is possible to include beads, glitter and other materials to achieve an even more magical result.

Pebbles painted with skulls

Yes! Even with stones you can achieve a great creation. Lean on river stones to make this craft. Draw with a pencil the design you want to capture on the stone and with acrylic paints paint the details of the skull. When you’re done, apply a coat of polish, varnish, or whatever coating you have at home to make your design last longer.

Decorations for Day of the Dead

After seeing multiple craft ideas for the Day of the Dead, now let’s see decoration ideas for this special date in Mexico. Use them to dress your physical store, your home or for.

Garland of paper flowers and skulls

With the paper skulls that we showed you earlier and some paper flowers, create beautiful garlands to decorate your spaces. You can help yourself with yarn, hemp thread or ribbons to make them. Intersperse skulls with flowers to give it a unique touch.

decorated bottles

If you have glass bottles at home, this is a great opportunity to reuse them. Paint the skulls on the surface of the bottle with markers or markers in white, silver and gold tones. You will see that they will look spectacular.

hand painted candle holders

Create your own Day of the Dead candles. You only need candles that are sold in crystal glasses and paint on them the figures of skulls and other Day of the Dead motifs. You can apply some polish to protect your design from the heat, just make sure it dries well or is non-flammable to avoid accidents.

Styrofoam skulls decorated with flowers

On dates close to the Day of the Dead it is possible to find Styrofoam skulls in haberdashery, stationery and gift shops. Dare to decorate them with artificial flowers, jewelry stones or ribbons. You will see that they will give a very good touch to your spaces.

Skull made with recycled material

It is possible to make these skulls out of papier-mâché, and you can use balloons, newspaper, and recycled paper to complete them. If you decide to make them in a simple way, you can make them as shown in the image, however if you want to go further, I recommend that you use the papier-mâché technique or the one used to make piñatas to achieve a more professional result.

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Candles in the form of representative elements

Do you have molds in the form of bread of the dead or skulls? Lean on these containers to make candles in the shape of representative elements. You can add aromatic essences to make them even more special.

Ceramic lamps for candles

Another way to make Day of the Dead decorations is to create ceramic lamps for candles. You can find ceramic figures related to the Day of the Dead in haberdashery and craft stores that require some paint and glaze to bring them to life. With LED candles or small candles you can complement your decoration and thus have a beautiful and functional piece.

Food miniatures made from crumbs

If you have ever worked with crumb paste or dough, you will know that it is a very noble material, which will give you the opportunity to capture any idea you have in mind, be it a Day of the Dead skull or a chicken with mole dish. You can use these food miniatures to decorate your altar of the dead or any other space. They will be amazing!

In conclusion

When it comes to making crafts for the Day of the Dead, more than materials or experience, what counts is creativity. You do not need to be an expert in handling advanced techniques, because as you could see, making beautiful skulls with almost any material is totally possible.

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