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Today we are analyzing a business idea consisting of a tombola of online technological products, which Oscar proposes in the ideas section.

But first, announcing that yesterday we launched , in which today we will look at layers and layer types, as well as masks and blending.

And now yes, we move on to analyze the business idea. In this case it is Oscar Soria, who proposes the following:

My idea is to create a tombola of technological products online. The operation is simple, an iPhone is put into a raffle, for example €1000 to round off.

You are charged 10% (ie €1,100) for the platform and “tickets” are sold, these tickets are only charged if the draw is closed.

Once a day a direct is made and the draws are made. Once there is a winner, the product is purchased and shipped. All recorded and broadcast live.

Pros: No need for stock. Any product can be raffled. The ticket is not charged until the draw closes. Different types of risk can be made according to the price of the “ticket”. It could go viral by doing it live. Possibility of greater monetization with affiliate accounts to buy the products. The entire process online and scalable.

Cons: I don’t know the legal and licensing issue.

I contribute: Idea. I can do the web. I can do direct.

I need: Investor. Partner with legal knowledge. Partner with marketing knowledge.

Thus, we see that the idea can be summarized as an “online technological product raffle”, differentiated by specialization, and with a business model based on margin.

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The business as such is lean and does not require initial investment, but it is true that we should take great care of the legal issue and find out about the regulation of the game, as well as have someone with a large community, or start creating it ourselves based on inbound marketing, since it is an idea that requires a lot.

In any case, I hope it has been of interest, and that you are encouraged to carry it out. As always, thank you all so much for your five-star ratings on , on , and , subscribing to and for being there, on the other side. Without you this would not be what it is, without you this simply… It would not be!

We’ll hear each other tomorrow, Wednesday, with a success story in the purest Perry Mason style. As always, at 07:07. Until then… Very good morning!

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