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Your brand new tabletwith its large screen and processing capacity, is ideal to consume multimedia content: your songs, your series and your games… That’s why today we are going to see the advantages of having a SIM in your tabletso you don’t run out of any of that and you can even call with it.

Without a SIM for the tablet, all that capacity falls short when you need it most, such as in the trips.

You get in the car, you start the journey and suddenly you realize that you are not going to be able to connect to any network. Goodbye to him guiding you or entertaining you during those five hours by car to your cousins’ town.

Or you go down the street and any query requires the data on your phone, while the tablet becomes dead weight in your backpack. And now that it’s over, you can get a lot more out of it!

The advantages of using a SIM for tablet if you are a professional

If you’re a professional on the move, the advantages of a SIM in your tablet are enormous. The productivity What your tablet screen provides allows you to do everything from touching up that important presentation while you’re on the train, to reviewing that PDF document for the meeting, to touching up that photo to show it off in all its glory.

And all this without going blind with your mobile screen and from anywhere, because with a SIM in your tablet you have exactly the same coverage and connection than what you would have with your phone.

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Furthermore, with that constant connectivitywhat you have worked on may be synchronized in the cloud and pick it up right where you left off when you get to the office.

Do you have to show a document to the client, access an invoice saved in your cloud or consult any information you need? With a SIM on your tablet you have it just one touch away and you can comfortably show it to clients and partners at your meetings.

The advantages of using a SIM in your tablet for your leisure time

Not everything is workand that is why a SIM in the tablet will also provide you with the best leisure experience whatever you do.

Are you sightseeing in the city center and want to find a place, or know more about the monument in front of you? No problem. Are you on a trip away from civilization? No problem either.

Or maybe you’re at the beach or pool, in which case you’ll still have constant access to your new songs favorites on Spotify or your books on Kindle to relax.

If your case is that you are going on vacation and your house is in town, or that Airbnb, they don’t have WiFi, you can continue updating your social networks and not be disconnectedread comics comfortably and not miss the latest from HBO and Netflix in all their splendor.

Even if you are abroadwith the end of roaming your tablet will follow your rhythm for whatever you need it to.

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And of course, your favorite games. Today almost everyone needs to connect to compete with rivals, update points or download new content, so without a SIM in your tablet you will not be able to take advantage of that spectacular screen.

In addition, this way you will have better control over data use and save yourself from possible additional payments, or suffering from a sudden slowness of the connection because you have exceeded the limits of the data rate on your mobile.

The tethering option to replace the tablet’s SIM

You soon think that, to have these advantages, you can use your smartphone and do tetheringthat is, the option to use your phone’s data connection as hotspot WiFi, to connect your tablet.

The theory is good and, If you do not have SIM in the tablet, it is useful for emergencies. But the reality is that it has important disadvantages.

To begin with, the most important: By using the mobile connection we are going to make your battery drains much more quickly.

To continue, it is possible that, depending on the services, you cannot use your cell phone to call until you unplug it and stop using it as modem makeshift. And even when it’s not like that, The connection speed will be shared by the two deviceswhich will result in slower speeds and more data consumption.

Also, the truth is that it is not comfortable. You have to be connecting and disconnecting on both devices, instead of being able to navigate instantly, as would be the case with having a SIM for a tablet. If you are with a client or walking through the city, it will be very cumbersome.

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The problem of the disadvantages of tethering It’s not that there are many, but they are very important.. Using up your plan’s data and, above all, quickly draining your phone’s precious battery is simply a very high price to pay.

Having a SIM for your tablet with is very cheap, with the , and you save all the disadvantages, giving more useful than ever to your tablet.

Don’t let it stay at the bottom of the backpack. If your tablet has a SIM option, make the most of it, because It will cost you very little with .

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