Cüimo, the first motorcycle marketplace in Spain, obtains financing to grow and expand

Cüimo, the start-up specializing in intermediation in the process of buying and selling motorcycles (new and second-hand) closed a financing round with the aim of scaling its growth and expansion. “The interest from the market has been incredible. Now we have the privilege of having great partners, motivated and committed to the project”, underlines Enrique Adrién, CFO of the company.

And it is that investors knew how to value the potential of Cüimo, which with only 6 months since its launch (end of 2020) has already managed to capture the attention of many lovers of two wheels.

“We were born very recently and the monthly growth in the number of users is being incredible, over 115% month after month”

“We were born very recently and the monthly growth in the number of users is incredible, more than 115% month after month. Now we have more than 250,000 unique users and more than 3,000 motorcycles published in real time in Cüimo”, Adrién abounds. The objective of the round is to scale the company to a national level and become the reference website for buying a motorcycle with maximum security and with 100% digital processes.

The idea of ​​Cüimo, whose name comes from “CUIdamos tu MOTORO”, was born as a result of a bad experience on the part of one of its founding partners, Jaime Álvarez, when buying a motorcycle. “I saw on the internet a second-hand motorcycle that was in Salamanca. A priori the motorcycle was fine, so I decided to travel from Madrid to buy it and bring it home. My surprise came when the motorcycle was not as good as it seemed and I they had counted, it also turns out that the manager that the seller proposed to me was closed (it was Saturday)”.

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“Finally -he explains-, distrust made me return home without a motorcycle, paying for a return ticket for the Ave that I hadn’t planned and having wasted the weekend… Telling this to my friend (and co-founder) Álex, we made of the necessity virtue and we decided to create a platform that avoids this type of situation and provides maximum security to users, both buyers and sellers.A website where anyone can publish their motorcycle for free, and that allows them to carry out all the necessary procedures in one place. sale: from the inspection of the motorcycle, through the name change before the DGT in a 100% online way, or the transport to the buyer’s house, among others.In addition, we loved the idea of ​​creating a digital showcase that would allow buying a remote motorcycle with maximum security, something that does not occur in the second-hand market, which is very over-localized.With Cüimo we managed to offer much more offer at the click of a button for buyers and much more demand it gives for sellers, it’s a win win”.

From then on they began to roll, never better said, and spoke with workshops (they currently have Midas workshops nationwide), approved providers of digital signature services and even implemented software with the DGT to make changes telematically . This entire process, which lasted more than a year of development with the pandemic in between, has resulted in a Marketplace with a very characteristic added value and with a wide product catalog throughout Spain.

Its most demanded package is the “Cüimo full equip”, which includes the review of the motorcycle at the seller’s house by a specialized expert

Cüimo’s value proposition is clear: to provide maximum security and transparency in all motorcycle sales that have been published on its website. To do this, they offer a series of essential services in any transaction (review of the motorcycle at home or in the workshop, change of ownership before the DGT, transport, drafting of sales contracts, contracting of insurance…), also betting on technology and comfort of its users with 100% digital signature processes.

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Specifically, its most popular package is the “Cüimo full equip”, which includes a review of the motorcycle (more than 50 points) at the seller’s house by a specialized expert, the digital signature of the sales contract, the change of holder before the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) electronically and, finally, transport to the buyer’s home. With this, the start-up has managed to unify the motorcycle buying and selling market at a national level, since many users have been able to buy motorcycles from other provinces with maximum security and without having to travel. “Many customers from Madrid have bought motorcycles in Barcelona and vice versa. We are currently noticing many users from other smaller provinces asking for motorcycles in other places. Thanks to Cüimo they have a much greater offer with just one click”, highlights Adrién.

After the round of financing, the company seeks to accelerate and expand its growth.

In addition, it will offer new contracting services directly through its platform, among which special mention should be made of insurance and financing. “Sustained growth is our focus in the medium term, we believe that the best way to achieve this is to differentiate ourselves through the offer of value-added services for motorcyclists. We have just implemented the contracting of motorcycle insurance and we will soon launch financing for purchases of motorcycles between individuals with very good conditions””, assures its CFO.

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