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In the third class of the layout course we talked about image and color. What type of image and what color settings should we use.

3 – Image and color

In today’s class we will talk about the 4 image styles with which we can work, and the role that colors play depending on the use and destination that we are going to give to our work. Let’s go there!

As you can see in the examples that we have analyzed in the video, both things play a very important role. So we must always choose what types of images we will use, and if there are several, how we will combine them.

And no less important, we will always define the color treatment before starting the project, in order to obtain optimal results.

So, the task that we recommend today is to start collecting all those images that you want to use, to be ready for the next class, in which the practice begins.

And as always, if you have any questions, contact us through the support form and Álex will assist you. See you in the next class!

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