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If you like reading so much that you are running out of books or if you want to resume reading little by little, we recommend the best ones websites to download free ebooks.

Eye! Ofdownload these free ebooks from these sites it is totally legal and safeand you can read them from any compatible device, such as your Kindle, iPad or Android tablet, even from your computer.

Top 5 best free ebook pages

#1 Amazon

Amazon sells literally everything, including physical books and in its Kindle format. But it also has free books.

To find them, go to and type “free books” in your search engine. You will find everything, both classics and new titles. Of course, keep in mind that some book downloads are only free if you are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited (Amazon’s flat-rate service with more than 1 million books in its catalog).

You can also subscribe to the Kindle Flash newsletter. With it you will receive in your inbox an email with the Kindle Flash titles of the day, eBooks on promotion with up to 80% off. Although these ebooks are not free, their price is usually between €1 and €2, so they are surely worth it if they are interesting to you.

#2 eBiblio

It is the official book lending platform. It works with the traditional public library card, but in addition to the physical one, you can also access an online catalog where you can have access to free ebooks for a period of time, normally approximately 15 days. If you don’t have time to read it in that time, you can renew it like in the traditional library.

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Each autonomous community has its own, and you can find any title you can imagine. You can read the ebooks you request for free from the Web on the computer or application official of either .

#3 Project Gutenberg

He It is the oldest free ebook catalog in the world. What characterizes this online library is that it brings together titles mainly in the public domain, such as works of classical literature.

Gutenberg can be really useful for students who want to read literary works from school or university for free in ebook format.

#4 Book House

The well-known literature store, La Casa del Libro, also offers a catalog of free ebooks that you can add to the basket and which you can access instantly to read online, you just have to access with a username and password.

To access his free books, you can go where you will find a little of everything: novels, history books, autobiography or compilations of classics such as the works of Jane Austen.

#5 Read

It is a platform on which independent publishers and authors publish content and ebooks, most of which are paid but there are also many free books.

The curiosity of this page is the form of payment it sometimes has: social payment. You can read free ebooks in exchange for a social media post, like a tweet or a post on Facebook. You can also make optional payments if you enjoyed reading, as a way of recognizing the writers’ work.

To access content and downloads on Lektu, you will have to register (free).

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Pages to download free comics

If you are more into text and illustration, there are also several interesting sites where you can find free comics in digital format.

Digital Comic Museum

(DCM) is a website where thousands of comics from the Golden Age can be downloaded for free. You just have to register (for free), find an issue that interests you and download it.

Comic Books and Graphic Novels – Internet Archive

In You will find a lot of content of all kinds, including comic books and graphic novels. A manga section stands out for containing such famous titles as Asterix and Obelix.

To download these comics for free, you will simply have to click on the item and choose from a wide range of download formats (PDF, torrent, JSON…), but another of the advantages of this portal is that you can read them online from the same page.

So that you have the most stable and fastest connection for all your downloads, we leave you our . Run to !

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