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Who is hiding behind that hidden number? Maybe it’s a secret admirer, the Lord of the Lottery to give you joy or the Treasury to give you a scare. Maybe you are part of a prank call, a survey or the Frac Collector is after your money. Whoever it, Can you find out who is calling you with a hidden number?

We are going to give you the answer and yes, There are some methods to do it and on different devices. Read on to learn how!

Difference between a private or hidden number and unknown

A private number is a hidden number, that is, it is a number from which you cannot know anything about the other person or chatbot who is on the other end of the phone, or the place from which they are calling you.

On the other hand, the unknown number is a number which you have not identified in your mobile phone book but you can identify the digits or numbers it has.

Can you find out who has a private number?

We all think that most of the time someone calls us from a private or hidden number it is a company offering its product or service. Therefore, no one likes to pick up the phone without knowing who is behind it. So, the fact of losing clients due to lack of trust in these calls, added to legal issues, has meant that calls from a hidden number are beginning to disappear.

However, whether from a hidden number, private number or numbers that we do not have in our agendas, we continue to receive calls from unknown phones. But can we know who is on the other end of the phone? In most cases, yes.

Mobile applications to view hidden numbers

Basically, what this type of app does to detect hidden numbers is consult a database, cross-check all its information and decipher who is behind the phoneor at least that we do not want to receive.

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Below we propose 2 of the most popular apps available for decipher those hidden phone numbers:

TrueCaller: the application to find out hidden numbers

is an app that will help you detect those private or hidden numbers that you want to know quickly.

Once the app is installed on your mobile, you will have to give it permission so that the application can access your contacts, call management, and send and view SMS. Once done, you now have all its potential at your fingertips.

The main features of Truecaller are:

Identification of hidden or private numbers, unknown numbers and spam. Both national and international calls will be detected automatically. So you don’t have to panic anymore whoever it is.

You can clean your SMS inbox by categorizing messages as personal, important, other and spam. And it has a smart dialer where unknown numbers will be identified.

Hiya: app to detect hidden calls and block whatever is coming

It is capable of identifying the calls you want to answer and blocking the numbers intelligently. Its potential lies in access to voice metrics with an objective of serving companies:

  • Monitor and manage reputation health to stop potential spam calls that have been mislabeled on mobile.
  • Special mode for companies where you can add your name, logo and the reason for the call.
  • Special attention to security to avoid identity theft.

The application has a free initial version, but be careful, if you want to have all the features, you will have to upgrade to the premium side.

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How to find out a private number without applications

Detecting private numbers without downloading applications is possible. It is not as exact as having a specific app for it, but it is useful if you do not have space in the internal memory, for example. You just have to change a few things in your phone settings. We tell you:

Trick to find out a private number on Android

To find a hidden number in the call without using any app, only some Android phones can do it. Access the “Settings” section, locate the “Calls” section, this option can be found within the connections or SIM management option and click on the “Hidden number” or “Private calls” option and activate the “ Show hidden numbers.”

Trick to find out a private number on iPhone

iPhone does not have this functionality internally. The only thing you can do is once you receive the hidden call, go to the call data and click on the hidden call to copy it. Once copied, go to call mode and paste it. This way you can see the digits, the number that called you. All you have to do is activate your detective mode and add that number in a web browser to see what is said.

How to call back a hidden number?

This is the other great dilemma that arises when we see a picture on our mobile screen. lost call from a private telephone.

There are a few ways to return a call made with a hidden number, or at least try. If the call has not been recorded in your missed call history, the first thing you can do is try to take her there and hit redial. If this plan doesn’t work, in many cases it doesn’t, you can call your phone company to ask if they have a call back code. Yes, this exists and it is not the same for everyone. Eye! Some of these codes are not part of your regular mobile rateso take advantage of that call to check if there will be additional costs.

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These codes are two digits, accompanied by a hash or asterisk, and will only serve, in most cases, to call back the last phone number that called you.

That is, if you want to find out who called you with a hidden number and return the call, you will have to be quicker than lightning and try this trick before receiving a new call.

Is a private number registered on the invoice?

You will only be able to see if you have called with Hidden number to someone, but not who has called you with a hidden number from you.

There may be an exception if there are cases of complaints such as harassment or scam among other special cases where certain information can be obtained from the telephone company but it is somewhat complicated and always through judicial means.

With all this information you are one step closer to deciphering those private numbers that call you at nap time. We could say that you have already obtained the researcher diploma in addition to .

And if what you want is the solution is just one click away.

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