Goiko arrives at Spanish supermarkets: where to buy its hamburgers and what price they will have

In recent years, a trend of hamburger restaurants has been unleashed in Spain. A whole ‘boom’ of chains and restaurants competing to be ‘the best hamburger in Spain’ for which Goiko is largely to blame. Born from the idea of ​​a young Venezuelan with Basque roots, the firm settled in Madrid from where it has been implemented to have 89 stores throughout Spain and . An expansion that now goes one step further by signing an alliance with El Corte Inglés to sell its meats and breads in its supermarkets.

From this February 16, and from the 24th of the same month for bread, Goiko hamburgers can now be found in more than 120 Supercor, El Corte Inglés and Hipercor supermarkets. An advance of the premium restaurant chain throughout Spain and through which it will be able to increase its customers, in constant growth since 2013.

In addition, for an affordable price () a success in sales is expected with which department stores will also add more followers. These first hamburgers, in the future some of the most mythical of the chain could arrive, such as Kevin Bacon meat, are 100% Spanish cattle and are made with the noblest parts of the cow and minced only once.

For its part, the loaves will arrive in supermarkets on February 24, still for an unknown price. In a pack of two pieces, it contains sourdough and has no preservatives or dyes.

“During the pandemic, more than one has discovered their cook side and, without a doubt, things change when the ingredients you cook with are of the highest quality and the recipes are brought to you by those who dominate the kitchen,” said Rodrigo Zapata, director of Goikocina. A commitment to the ‘kitchen’ side of the client that will include a QR code on the packaging to be able to consult recipes and options for preparing the hamburger.

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Goiko does not rule out reaching more supermarket chains soon

A jump from the Spanish restaurant chain that comes as yet another proof of the hamburger boom that they themselves triggered and for which they do not rule out being implemented in other supermarkets. At the moment, with the same suppliers that distribute among its 89 stores, Goiko lands in 120 El Corte Inglés centers, although it is expected that they will continue to grow.

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