How to edit images for Instagram: 8 key applications

To design a unique feed with images for instagram that follow an aesthetic line and attract more followers every day, it is essential to work with some apps! With all the information in this article, you will design creative Instagram photos and get better results on this social network.

If you want to have a successful Instagram account, we have good news for you: You don’t need a professional camera to take your brand photos!

But then, how do you get amazing Instagram photos to post on your business social media? The answer is literally in your hands: through the cell phone.

An aesthetic and harmonious Instagram profile captures the attention of more users, which increases the chances of adding new followers and gain a few more likes. That is the main reason to invest time and dedication in the , creating unique and original content.

How to edit photos and why do it

The Instagram profile of a business is its cover letter. This is the place where many users enter to get a first glimpse of the brand. In this first approach, you have many possibilities to obtain new followers who, in other words, are potential clients.

With this in mind, we can conclude that take care of your aesthetic feed is an essential requirement. This is where photo editing apps come into play. These programs will help you create exclusive Instagram images for your brand.

Generally, businesses use the same filter when editing photos for Instagram and thus be able to maintain a harmonic and constant line in its content grid.

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But… how to edit photos? We are here to help you! You can do the same with the 7 apps to edit photos that we selected and highly recommend. I got the best images for instagram and viralize your content!

8 apps to edit photos


Originally known for editing videos, the InShot app has since expanded to allow edit photos for instagram. From adjusting your stockings, adding backgrounds, stickers or , text, to filters, this app is going to give you loads of ideas!

InShot is available for e and it’s free, although it has a paid version with more editing options.

2.Nightcap Pro

If you were wondering how to edit photos on Instagram that were taken at night, you can not miss this application. Nightcap adjusts your camera settings so you can get clearer photos and zero graininess. Magic!

Nightcap Pro is available for , is paid and is in English.


is the queen of filters (he has loads of them!) and some of them were designed by professional photographers.

It is also one of the most wanted appsnot only because of the quality of its editing filters, but also because of how easy it is to use.

It has more than 100 types of frames and textures to add to your photos. Not bad, right?

Afterlight is available for ey, although it was previously a paid application, it became free.

4.No Crop

To work with your images for Instagram in one place, No Crop can be your salvation.

This application gathers several important tools: In addition to letting you resize your images, it also allows you to quickly edit them through advanced filters and create collages of pictures. Very funny!

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No Crop is free and available for .

Let’s keep discovering how to edit photos for Instagram!


If you are a fan of black and white photos you have to try this app! Hypocam is going to give you that touch of style that makes the difference in the visual impact of social networks.

Hypocam is free for e , and it’s in English.

6. Snapseed

It is one of the most popular image editors for Instagram and it really delivers what it promises.

With several resources and very easy to execute, it also has tutorials organized by subject to become a photography expert.

Snapseed is available free for e , in English.

7. VSCO Cam

Another favorite of influencers is the VSCO Cam, a super complete tool to edit photos for Instagram.

It has some tricks and complexities when using it, but you can use Google or Pinterest tutorials that will help you a lot.

VSCO is free for e, and it’s in English.

We started this article by asking how to edit photos. Surely now many original ideas for your content have appeared! We are going to know the last of these star apps for your social networks.

8. Camera FV5

If there is an application that it will make your cell phone camera become almost a professionalis the Camera FV5.

With this tool you will be able to configure all the photographic parameters, such as exposure, white balance, ISO and focus adjustment. It is worth trying!

* It is available free for , in Spanish and English!

If you want to know some more, we invite you to read…

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All set to create unique Instagram images!

Now that you know the best programs to edit photosI chose the one that goes best with your brand and get to work!

Remember that it is advisable to always use the same filter or type of edition for all the publications of your brand. So you’re going to have a feed clear and clean to maintain the harmony of all the photos published in your account.

And don’t forget that these photos can also show your products in a more professional and attractive way and, why not, help you sell on Instagram.

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