How to go from iPhone to Android: this is the new app that helps you

Google has released a new, currently hidden app called “Switch to Android” designed to make it easy for iPhone users to quickly and wirelessly transition all their files to an Android smartphone.

When you buy a new mobile phone, one of the biggest headaches is to transfer all the files you have on your old smartphone to the new one. Between devices with the same operating system it is relatively simple, with Android you only need a cable while with iPhone we use iCloud.

We can even go further, and for a few years Apple has had an app called “Switch to iOS” that makes it easy to switch from Android to iPhone, but until now, we didn’t have a tool that would do the switch in reverse. With the Switch to Android app you can transfer all your contacts, messages, photos and more without losing anything, quickly and easily.

The app is already published, although hidden in the iOS App Store, however it is not fully functional because Google has not yet activated the process for Android, since their smartphones still do not show the QR code necessary to carry carry out the file transfer.

The process to transfer the data is done in a few steps. Once you have downloaded Switch to Android from the App Store, you will have to scan the QR code to connect with your Android smartphone, then you will be shown all the files available to transfer such as photos, videos, messages… you will be able to select some that you do not want to have on your new device.

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It is important to note that only the photos and videos that have been saved locally on your iPhone are the ones that will be transferred. Once all the data has been passed, a reminder will appear so that you deactivate iMessages to redirect your messages to SMS and that they are not lost.

And finally, the next step is to transfer the rest of your data from iCloud to Google Drive and Google Photos. Once this is done, you will have all your iPhone data on your new Android device, without cables or complications.

As we have mentioned before, the Switch to Android app has not been fully enabled yet, as Google has not developed all the necessary technology for it to be used. We don’t know when it will be available, but from what we’ve seen, it doesn’t seem that Android is in a hurry, since it has taken many years to present an app with this function.

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