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In November 2019, Instagram began an experiment based on hiding the likes of the posts. So, if it has happened to you, we teach you how to see the likes from Instagram even if you have them hidden.

Of course, it is also very possible that you will continue to see those likes normally and you are surprised by what we say. Don’t worry, because we explain everything to you.

What is this about Instagram hiding the number of likes?

Instagram is conducting an experiment that began in the United States and 6 other countries. However, they have decided to expand this experiment worldwide.

Since they are still in a trial period, you may continue to view your Instagram as usual. But if you suddenly stopped seeing the number of likes in the publications, It’s your turn and you’re part of the experiment..

Although the final decision of the social network is not yet known, it is quite likely that they will still be around and that Instagram will no longer show the likes.

Why is Instagram hiding the likes?

Basically, they want to minimize certain harmful and addictive effects of the social network. Especially in the younger ones.

According to Adam Mosseri, CEO of the company, the idea is to “depressurize Instagram,” make it a space more focused on connections, conversations and community.

In this way, removing the number of likes More interaction is expected via comments. In addition, it removes a powerful signal of social approval that has been shown to negatively affect the mental health and behavior of those who use this social network.

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How to see the likes from Instagram even if they are hidden?

It is important to know that, although the likes from Instagram are hidden, you can see them if you created the content. That is, you will continue to see the likes of your own publications, but never those of others’ publications.

With this experiment, under the publications only the usual phrase appears that several people you follow liked it he postbut it no longer says how many.

If it’s your post, you can play there and you will go to the list of people who have pressed the little heart. Above that list, you will see the number of likes totals.

If you want to continue gossiping about other people’s stories, we are very afraid that that is going to end.

So there is nothing that allows us to see the likes What do others have?

If you really need it, there is still a trick to see the likes from the publications of others. And it’s very simple, All you have to do is visit Instagram from the website.

For the moment, the experiment only affects the app mobile, so if you use it from the web, you will continue to see them. Of course, we assume that if they finally decide to hide the likes for everyone, also do it on the page and this trick expires.

So I will never be able to see the likes from others on Instagram?

We are very afraid that not even those on Instagram have the answer to that yet. However, certain signs suggest that the experiment is here to stay.

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The speed with which they have extended it from 6 countries to cover all the others gives an idea that they may be liking the results.

Will those work likes hidden to participate more and that social networks have fewer negative effects? We will see it soon.

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