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Spotify is the application par excellence for streaming music. It has millions of users, and no wonder, the bank of songs it has is immense, and now its bank of lyrics is increasingly so.

Applications like MusixMatch, until 2016, allowed you to view the lyrics of the songs when they were playing, something that the app later integrated “natively” in 2019 with its “Behind the lyrics” function, but with some gaps, such as not showing it complete and other types of information appeared.

Recently, the platform has integrated into its platform a very simple way to see the lyrics of our songs on Spotify. We explain how it works!

How to view Spotify song lyrics on Android and iOS

In reality, it couldn’t be simpler. Go to your favorite artist’s page. Once there, Select the song you want to listen to and tap on it.

It will start playing at the bottom of the app screen, as usual. Now, Click on that lower bar where the song that plays is locatedso that it opens and occupies the entire mobile screen.

There you will see the typical: the title, the song playback controls, the options to go to the next one, put the list on random…

From your mobile phone, whether Android or iOS, all you have to do to see the lyrics of the song from Spotify itself is swipe up playerfrom where the cover appears.

The song text will be displayed in sync so you can follow the lyrics, and The verses of the song will appear at the rhythm that sounds.

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This way, you can finally know what the song is saying, sing along or have an improvised karaoke.

How to see Spotify song lyrics on your computer

The way to see Spotify lyrics from your computer is very similar to that of your mobile devices.

You simply have to open the application on your computer, play the song you want and Click on the microphone icon that appears in the lower right corner.

Thus, a screen will open in large size that will show the lyrics. Now you can sing it to the fullest!

I don’t see song lyrics on Spotify, what can I do?

If you have followed the previous procedure and, when you go to your favorite song, you do not see the lyrics by sliding down, don’t worry, it is not a mistake. To Spotify still missing someespecially Spanish songs and everything that is not great hits in English.

So, for now, we are very afraid that we will have to wait until they put them in little by little. You can always Google it!

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How to View Lyrics in Spotify Songs Using the Soundhound App

Another way to view lyrics in Spotify songs is to use the Soundhound app, which integrates quite well. In fact, you can make a list of songs on Spotify with what you detect or search for there.

For that, download the Soundhound app for free if you don’t have it yet. You can download it either .

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Use Soundhound to search for a song or, if it’s playing where you are, to listen to it and tell you what song it is.

Now, the lyrics of that song will be displayedso that you can also know what it says or sing it at the same time.

As you can see, you have several options to find out the lyrics of the songs you listen to on Spotify. At the moment, there aren’t too many yet, but it is expected that they will add many more in a short time.

So now you know, tune up your voice and sing at the top of your lungs, without having to make up what your favorite bands are saying.

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