If you get a call from this number and you’re from Madrid, take it without hesitation: it could be your appointment to get vaccinated

Vaccination against the coronavirus is the moment that the vast majority of the world’s population has been dreaming of in the last year. But, when is the moment for each one to receive a dose against the coronavirus? In Madrid, for example, a problem is occurring: some of the calls to make appointments do not receive a response from citizens because they do not know that the phone that calls them is the one that is going to give them that long-awaited vaccination.

What has happened is actually very frequent: an unknown telephone calls the citizen, who, not knowing who it is, decides not to take the call. This causes a percentage of the calls that come from the Ministry of Health to go unanswered, which is a hindrance to the vaccination process: people who should go to get vaccinated do not do so because of this anecdote.

To try to solve this problem, , which will be the one that appears on the telephone of citizens when they are called from Primary Care or any of the organizations that arrange vaccination appointments. It’s 91 370 00 01, and it’s always necessary to take the call from this phone: it will be the one that informs us that it’s finally our turn to get vaccinated. You can also inform us of other health procedures or assistance of this type.

The regional government has reported that this phone will be the one that appears on the screens of our phones. If you do not pick up the phone, you will have to return the call to our health center. 95% of these centers already have this mechanism.

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As reported by the Community, the priority objective is “to make it easier for the user to identify an institutional number, avoid the loss of calls generated by receiving unknown numbers or switchboards, and enhance confidence in communication and loyalty with the health institution.

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