Lidl also looks out for motorcyclists: this is the cheapest helmet on the market

Lidl supermarkets have decided, in their strategy of bringing out innovative products, to look towards the roads. With one, the German chain focuses one of its great offers to start the week on motorcycles to cover a niche not yet exploited in this type of business.

For only 34.99 euros, and only available on the web, and in a light and very resistant line, Lidl has paid special attention to road safety. Motorcycle helmets that combine the most powerful features on the market with a classic design reminiscent of the legendary drivers of the Italian Vespa.

In and with a black vertical line that crosses the entire product, Lidl’s motorcycle helmets can be found in , M or L. In addition, the latter also has one and as in the previous ones, all items are adjustable to adapt to the head.


A basic and effective protection for the front of a motorcycle that, in the case of the German chain, has all the certificates (in accordance with the ECE-R 22.05 standard) to ensure the quality of the product. HCM outer shell, reinforced inside with EPS, the screen is scratch-proof and adapts to different positions.

The inner lining has the latest technology to ensure quick drying against sweat and as little odor as possible.

In addition, the inner lining (black or brown, depending on the design) is quick-drying with Coolmax applications to better absorb sweat. It also has an antibacterial and anti-odour treatment on the inside, thanks to the innovative Mikro Silber technology, and a 5-year warranty on the screen.

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All in a helmet weighing around one kilogram, which arrives with a free helmet cover, an anti-noise pad for a quieter ride and the ability to be compatible with the use of glasses. The latest from Lidl that this time focuses its low-cost products on driving, in order to continue increasing its customer base.

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