New stoppages at the Stellantis plant in Zaragoza due to a lack of components

The plant in the Zaragoza town of Figueruelas will stop production from Tuesday night until the last shift on Friday, September 2, due to a lack of components.

This delay in the arrival of supplies not only affects Stellantis, but plants of other automotive groups, the president of the works council, Rubén Alonso, has reported.

In statements to Europa Press, he explained that the 5,000 Stellantis workers have resumed work at 06:00, which is when the first shift of the day begins after the activity was suspended last Thursday night due to lack of supplies.

“Unfortunately -he has indicated- the management of the multinational has informed us that we would have to stop again from Tuesday night due to the lack of components”. This situation affects the production of the three models that Stellantis manufactures at the Figueruelas facilities, which are the Corsa, C3 Aircross and Crossland.

Rubén Alonso explained that there are areas that can work, such as maintenance, but production is completely suspended and concerns the majority of the 5,000 workers at the Zaragoza plant.

The employees have a system of irregular distribution of the working day, which allows them some internal flexibility with a maximum of 25 days, but “there are colleagues who have exhausted them and will have to go to ERTE”, which guarantees them 80 percent of the salary.

The president of the works council has recognized that these successive stoppages affect the customer who “is waiting for his car and this means a greater delay because the later they are manufactured, the later it is delivered.”

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However, he has trusted that throughout the week the management of the multinational will communicate “good news” to them that will mean producing again.

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