The artisanal ice cream parlor Lucciano’s opens its first store in Spain in Barcelona

The Argentine chain of artisanal ice cream shops Lucciano’s has opened its first store in Spain in Barcelona, ​​within a national growth plan that will arrive in Malaga and Madrid in the coming months and later in other cities throughout the country, sources have explained to elEconomista of the company.

“Next month we will open in Malaga and Madrid will be the next step. We first seek to continue growing in the main cities and once we are consolidated there, grow in smaller cities,” they indicate.

Each store of the brand is unique in its decoration, and in the case of the first in Barcelona, ​​on Rambla de Catalunya with Gran Via, it recreates a space station. It has required an investment of more than 600,000 euros and has 18 employees.

The brand, founded by Daniel and Christian Otero in 2011 in the city of Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, already has 59 stores in Argentina, 2 in Uruguay, 3 in the United States and one in Rome, the latter opened in April and with the one that gave the initial shot to its expansion plan for Europe.

Father and son detected more than 10 years ago that the ice cream industry was frozen in time. That is why they decided to launch this project, which combines a superior quality of artisanal ice cream -with Italian raw materials and Belgian chocolates- with a strong commitment to innovation and technology that is reflected in its offer of popsicles (icepops), with multiple shapes and compositions. .

In addition, “each of our stores is special. It is not repeated and is specially created for that place and that moment,” says Christian Otero. “This is part of what makes us unique, we bet everything to give each person who visits us a complete and superior experience, which they will not be able to find in another ice cream parlor.”

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In the store you can choose from 24 different flavor proposals and 20 proposals of its iconic icepops with different shapes and flavors: Tonio the pig of cookies & cream, the Smile King with hazelnut and covered in black and white chocolate, or the Minion IcePops. And it is that Lucciano’s is the only brand that has the rights from Universal Pictures to produce a polo shirt with the appearance of this character.

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