The best apps to concentrate when studying or working |

With the arrival of spring, some notice their mind more dispersed… others simply notice their mind dispersed throughout the year 😉…but there is no other choice than to attend to our responsibilities.

Of course, think that the more efficient you are and the sooner you finish your obligations, the sooner you can rest, go out for a drink or laze on the couch watching your favorite series.

That’s why we bring you a little help, and We have compiled the best applications to concentrate and study, work or whatever you have to do with the mode focus on. There they go!

These are the best applications that will help you concentrate

Forest: stay focused and bear fruit… almost literally!

Forest It is one of the most famous and original concentration applications. It has been awarded several times and more than 6 million users have already downloaded it.

Its operation is simple, but effective. To help you focus and “live in the present”, you can plant a seed virtually, which will grow over time until it becomes a beautiful tree. But, the more time you spend on other apps and let yourself be carried away by temptation, the tree will wither more and more.

The harder you try, the more beautiful and lustrous your forest will be. Thus, with the app you will have a super graphic representation of how much you are meeting your goals of not being distracted by your cell phone and concentrating on your tasks. Original, right?

Focus To-Do: use the Pomodoro technique

Focus To-Do It is a very complete application, both to concentrate and to organize.

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Combine the pomodoro technique with task management, and its mission is to motivate you to stay focused and motivate you to meet the objectives you set for yourself.

This technique consists of a method to concentrate and better manage our time, using timers that distribute fixed intervals between activity and rest. Specifically, pomodoro distributes phases of 25 minutes of work, followed by 5 minutes of rest and a longer break every four pomodoros.

You will be able to create reminders, timers, task lists and see what you spend the most time on. Additionally, the application includes sounds of White noise to help you concentrate when studying or working.

Another advantage of this concentration app is its synchronization with all your devices. What are you waiting for to try it?

Todoist: organize and concentrate your efforts

We have already told you about its desktop version in our compilation of and there is also an application that will help you concentrate and organize your work better.

With this app, you can create and manage task listsso organize by phases what you have to do and perform a follow-up It will be much easier. Add reminders and deadlines to ensure that you fulfill your mission and you can even collaborate with your colleagues thanks to the integration with other accounts such as Google or Alexa.

Calm: meditation and relaxation in abundance

Calm is one of the most downloaded applications in the world. This app It will help you meditate, relax and sleep betterand therefore to concentrate more during the day.

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The application offers guided meditations to reduce stress and anxiety, breathing exercises, relaxing music… Use it before studying or working, or to help you sleep and you will see how this app helps you concentrate.

In addition, it is available not only for Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets, but also for smart watches such as the Apple Watch.

And now that you know them all, you no longer have an excuse. These applications will surely help you concentrate better, it just depends on you… get going!

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