The best hobbies for your mobile |

Our cell phones have become powerful portable consoles for playing games. But sometimes, what you want most is a good old crossword puzzle or sudoku. Therefore, we bring you the best hobby games for your phone.

With them, you will have fun while exercising your brain anywhere.

1. Classic crossword puzzles, all the flavor of the traditional pastime on your mobile

If you like the closest experience to doing a crossword puzzle on your mobilethen you should try Classic Crosswords.

It is an application that tries to recreate all the flavor of crossword puzzles on your phone. In this way, it shows you the crossword puzzle board and, by tapping on the line or column you want, the corresponding definition appears at the bottom.

Of course, the jumbled letters of the word also appear. That makes crossword puzzles a little easier and different from traditional ones.

The first levels are very simple, but the difficulty increases with the thousands of definitions it has. In addition, it has many options: dark mode for night, crossword of the day, roulette

Without a doubt, the option that we liked the most and that will entertain you if you love crossword puzzles.

You can download Classic Crosswords for Android for free and for iOS.

2. Codycross, colorful crossword puzzles with a twist

If you want to give a new look to the usual crossword puzzles, and a touch of color and adventure, Codycross is for you.

On the one hand, Codycroos follows the classic crossword system. To do this, a definition or question appears at the bottom of the screen and you have to type the answer. That answer must fit in the row that is illuminated on the board, paying attention to the letters that are already there and the spaces that the word occupies.

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However, there are no black boxes or strange shapes here. When you complete the definitions you go through the phases, following the protagonist’s planetary journey.

Besides, have power-upsunexpected obstacles and other game elements that allow you to discover letters in squares (which will make it easier to get the word right).

In short, a fun, more updated mobile crossword game, with elements that make it different and varied.

You can download Codycross for free for Android and iOS.

3. Sudoku Classic for mobile, have fun with this pastime on your phone

If you are more into numbers than letters, we recommend Sudoku Classic, an excellent game for Android that recreates this pastime with complete fidelity.

You’ll already know how to play. You have numbers from 1 to 9 that you must put in rows and columns, without ever repeating the same number twice in the same row or column.

With Sudoku Classic you can play games of the difficulty you want, get clues and even use a very ingenious pencil mode. With it you can write down small numbers that you think fit in the box, but you are not 100% sure yet that they are correct.

In addition, there are also daily challenges, so you won’t lack fun.

You can download Sudoku Classic for free for Android and iOS.

As you see, the traditional is not at odds with the modern, on the contrary. You no longer have to carry your crossword puzzles or sudokus, but you can carry them all on your phone.

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