The most expensive men’s suits in the world

Women have always stood out more in style than men, both at weddings and other types of ceremonies, the attention always falls on women. But this trend is changing over the years, as men are becoming more flirtatious and more aware that a good one can be very important.

Some of the most expensive men’s suits can cost more than a car or even a boat. Do not you believe it? We show you a variety of the most expensive suits today. Start saving!

William Fioravanti Italian fashion designer who has managed to break new ground in the menswear industry, has been designing for the great men of history for more than 35 years. Prices for a William Fioravanti bespoke suit range from $20,000 to $22,000. The Italian designer has been recognized by the industry as the “Master”, the one who sets the standards. In addition to serving as President of the Custom Tailoring Designers Association of America, it’s a treat to wear one of his designs.

This Brook Brothers custom line of suits gives you class when it comes to dressing. They are very fine fabrics that make them fit perfectly to your figure. One of these suits cost around $14,500.

$43,000 for a suit. Yes, you read very well. The tailored suits of the Brioni house can reach those figures. Brioni is appreciated for its exclusivity and high quality. If you don’t have that much money to spend on an exclusive suit, any of their collection is for just under 5,000 euros.

The Brioni brand is also famous for dressing the most famous spy in the world from 1995, in the movie Goldeneye with Pierce Brosnan, until 2006 in Casino Royal, starring Daniel Craig.

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The best known Italian designer, Enzo D’Orsi, designs for one of the best tailoring brands in Italy. They are made with the best quality materials obtained from merino sheep. Kiton’s most famous suit is the so-called ?K-50? and it takes more than 50 hours to produce and costs around 40,000 euros.

Alexander Amosu, a well-known luxury tailor has created a bespoke suit that costs a staggering $101,890. And you may ask, is it gold? No, this suit is made from the most expensive wool in the world. Furthermore, the designer had to make more than 16,000 manual stitches to create this work of art. The buttons of this very expensive suit are made of 18 carats of diamonds.

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