The Port of Barcelona forgets the covid: it transports 10% more containers and three times as many passengers

Container traffic in the Port of Barcelona has already forgotten the coronavirus. The activity returned to normal despite the confinements that still persist in China and until the month of August it reached 48.7 million tons, 9.9% more than in the same period of 2021 and already above 46, 3 million tons in 2019. At the moment, the infrastructure does not show symptoms of a cooling of the economy.

According to data made public by the facility on Monday, imported containers grew by 10.8% and those traveling in transit rose by 8.1%. However, exports fell 4.5%. The explanation for the growth is explained by the increase in the sphere of influence of the Catalan wharf in the Mediterranean.

Traffic from the Far East accounts for about a third of the port’s cargo. China remains the leading trading partner despite falling 3.3% due to the drop in exports, which did rise towards Japan and South Korea.

Barcelona also consolidates its importance in the transport of fuels. Until August, the traffic of natural gas grew 61.1%, that of gasoline rose 143.4% and biofuels advanced 46.8%. On the other hand, solids fell 3.3% due to the drop in cement, clinker (the main component of Portland cement) and soybeans.

Passenger traffic skyrockets

The 2022 season was the first in which the cruise industry returned to normal. Although not yet reaching pre-pandemic levels, passenger volume more than tripled from last year. Between ferries and cruise ships, the facility housed 2.5 million people, 224% more than the 777,000 people in 2021. In 2019, the figure had reached 3.1 million people.

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By type of transport, ferry passengers did exceed those of 2019 and were 1.18 million compared to 1.12 million passengers prior to the coronavirus. The cruise sector does still have a long way to go to match the levels prior to covid.

The recovery of the industry comes in full controversy with the Barcelona City Council, which intends to impose new limitations on the number of cruise passengers arriving in the city.

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