These are the trick questions of the medical court when asking for a permanent disability pension

The medical tribunal visit is one of the most important steps in the process of applying for a permanent disability pension. The characteristics of this step, which subjects the aspiring pensioner to the scrutiny of the members of the court, makes it the most delicate and the most feared by pension applicants.

When going to the medical court (as the Disability Assessment Team, the EVI, is colloquially known), it is important that the applicant for the permanent disability pension is clear about what its members will ask of them, as well as as the tests that have to pass before the ruling of that court.

One of the tests that the worker will go through is the series of questions that the members of the medical tribunal will ask him in order to know how his illness or disease affects him in his work life and his private life. These questions have this objective so that, later, a recommendation or denial of the pension can be issued and, if so, its degree.

Among the questions that the members of the court ask the worker, there may be some that make that pension applicant suspect. They are a kind of ‘trick questions’ that are not asked with bad intentions, but that do seek to make clear what the effects of the disease or illness are on the person requesting the permanent disability pension.

What the worker must do at all times is not to lose his temper, remain calm and answer the questions of the members of the court with total sincerity. He, specializing in issues of temporary and permanent disability, analyzes what are those trick questions that can put people examined by the court in trouble.

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-How are you feeling?

-Have you improved from your illness or injury in the time you’ve been off work?

Did you come alone or accompanied?

-In what position do you work?

-What kind of tasks did you use to do on a daily basis?

In any case, the worker must remember that the medical court is just one more step in a long process that can last up to 135 business days, the maximum period that Social Security has to notify the applicant if the disability pension has been granted. permanent (and to what degree).

In fact, it is important to emphasize that Social Security is in charge of granting or denying the permanent disability pension. It is the responsibility of your relevant provincial directorate to do so and not the medical tribunal, whose opinion is not binding in any case. Of course, the opinion of its members is often taken into account by Social Security, so the visit to this medical tribunal can be considered a key step in the pension application.

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