This is the error of this two-euro coin that can make you win 2,000 euros

A boost for the economy is not bad in these times of crisis. For this reason, check your pockets and wallet to see if you have two euro coins. If you are lucky, one of those coins may have an error that will earn you thousands of euros.

There are coins that, without knowing it, have a much higher value than the metal itself represents. These are collector’s items for which some are willing to pay a lot of money.

That’s how it is. The niches reach all sectors and there are collectors who bet on the rare or unconventional, in this case, banknotes and coins that are still in circulation in Spain and Europe.

The two euro coin worth 2,000

In 2021, the Lithuanian two-euro coin dedicated to the Zuvinas Nature Reserve was issued. Of the 500,000 minted units, 500 of them showed an error in the legend of the song, details the site.

The portal explains, in the section of ‘more valuable two-euro coins’, that in these erroneous coins you can read “Laisvé, Vienybé, Gerové” (“freedom, unity, well-being”), when it should appear “Dievs, sveti, latviju”(“God Bless Latvia”).

The collectors’ site argues that as a result of this manufacturing failure they have been revalued to reach a value of around 2,000 euros for coin collectors.

“We must bear in mind that at the moment we do not know enough purchase values, but rather sale prices. It will be necessary to see if coin collectors actually reach these high values,” they explain from the website.

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In turn, to take into account to sell the best pieces to a collector of two euro coins. They also recommend that for those lucky enough to have some of these coins in circulation, they contact a numismatic expert beforehand.

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