This month ends the deadline to change pesetas to euros: this is the procedure (there are still 1,586 million left)

The deadline for exchanging pesetas for euros at the Bank of Spain will definitively end on June 30, according to a royal decree law approved by the Government last November. A little earlier, next Saturday, June 19, it will be twenty years since the National Currency and Stamp Factory (FNMT) minted the last peseta. If you still have some coins or bills, according to him, and you are interested in exchanging them, the procedure is as follows:

Who changes pesetas to euros?

The exchange of pesetas for euros can be made both at the Banco de España building in Madrid (C/ Alcalá 48) and in the rest of the branches that the institution has in the cities of A Coruña (C/ Durán Lóriga, 16), Oviedo (C/ Conde de Toren, 6), Bilabo (C/ Gran Vía de D. Diego López de Haro, 10), Valladolid (Plaza de España, 15), Barcelona (Plaza de Cataluña, 17), Badajoz (Avda. Antonio Masa Campos, 22), Seville (Plaza de San Francisco, 17), Malaga (Avda. Cervantes, 3), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (C/ Viera y Clavijo, 37), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (C/ León y Castillo , 6), Murcia (C/ Gran Vía Escultor Salzillo, 20), Alicante (Rambla Méndez Núñez, 31), Valencia (C/ Barcas, 6), Palma de Mallorca (C/ Sant Bartomeu, 16).

What pesetas are changed to euros

The Bank of Spain explains that peseta banknotes issued after 1939 will be exchanged. However, banknotes issued between 1936 and 1939 can also be exchanged after being analyzed by the agency’s experts. Regarding coins, those that were in circulation on January 1, 2002 will be exchanged. In addition, the 2,000 peseta coins that were in circulation on January 1, 2002, as well as collector, commemorative and special coins, will be exchanged.

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Likewise, the Bank of Spain informs that it will also accept damaged coins. Regarding banknotes, the exchange of those with an area equal to or less than 50% will be denied.

How many euros will pesetas be exchanged for?

The exchange rate is 1 euro = 166,386 pesetas. Aspects such as the age or condition of the peseta notes and coins will not be taken into consideration.

How to change euros to pesetas

The Bank of Spain gives three possibilities to exchange banknotes or coins. However, for residents in the country the only possibility is in person.

1. In person: it is necessary to make an appointment in advance to carry out this procedure at the Banco de España facilities and branches. The opening hours to the public are from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The organization will require the interested party to identify themselves by showing their DNI, passport or residence card whenever the amount they want to exchange is equal to or greater than 1,000 euros. When the amount to be exchanged is less than 1,000 euros, the Bank of Spain may also request identification from the interested party.

2. By postal mail: if you are abroad there is the possibility of exchanging the bills (this option does not allow you to change coins) in pesetas to euros by sending them by certified postal mail together with the , which is available at the In addition, it is essential to complete the IBAN field. The documentation required in this process must be sent to the following address: Banco de España, Issuance and Cash Department, C/ Alcalá, 48, 28014 Madrid.

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3. Electronically: the Bank of Spain also offers the possibility of filing the form in advance by electronic means. To do this, the Form for exchanging pesetas for euros from abroad must be submitted through the . To access this system it is necessary to have an electronic certificate or be registered in the Cl@ve system.

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