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The or deep link on the Internet consists of creating links that lead to a specific page of a website, instead of going to the main page or home, whose extension is .com, .es, etc. Namely:

1) This is a deep link:

2) This is not a deep link:

In the first case the URL directs us to a specific page, of an article which explains While in the second example, the link takes us to the Marketing4eCommerce home page.

Current knowledge and usability have made linking practices evolve. In the recent past, when the user experience was not thought of, campaigns, ads and other content were linked to the home page of a website. We trusted that the visitor would then navigate within the site until they found the content of their interest. Nevertheless, now most links are deep and offer access to specific information.

Deep linking in mobile applications

Imagine that inside you discover a great hotel in Cancun for this summer. Do you want to share the exact link of the result with your partner. However, your partner does not have the Booking application downloaded so they will see an error message. End of scan.

In mobile applications the content of specific URLs is not accessible to the public unless the app is downloaded to your device. This inconvenience to deep linking with mobile apps leads to a frustrating user experience.

Deferred deep linking and contextual deep linking

However, there are solutions for this problem that do not work with traditional deep linking. Various platforms offer deferred deep linking (deferred deep linking) and contextual deep linking. These solutions ensure that the person to whom you send a specific link to an application can open it – with minimal effort – whether or not the app is installed on their mobile.

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In the Deferred deep linking if the user does not have the Booking application installed –to continue with our example–, the link takes you to the home page of the app in the app store. Once your partner downloads the application, the internal link with the Cancun offer automatically appears.

In the Contextual deep linking, the result is even more profitable for the user because personalized information can be offered. And the app developers can store certain data that is useful to them in understanding the user experience and their journey. until you reach the specific link.

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