WhatsApp audios can now be played twice as fast

WhatsApp has announced the arrival for all users of a new functionality for audio, which will save us a lot of time by allowing us to play it quickly without changing the tone and understanding what the other person is saying.

Love them or hate them, WhatsApp audios have no middle ground. For many people, they are a simpler and more direct way of expressing themselves, and they are especially useful if we are in a situation where we cannot write; For example, if we are walking down the street.

But for many users, the audios are a daily torture from which they cannot escape. To begin with, they are a waste of time, since it takes much longer to listen to what the other person has to say than to read it; and they do not usually go straight to the point, with many pauses that add up to wasted time.

At least, it seems that WhatsApp has finally realized that long audio messages are a nuisance for many of its users, and they have launched a new quick playback function to save time.

It’s very simple: this function speeds up the reproduction of the sound so that it takes less time to hear the same thing; It is something that we have already seen in other services such as YouTube, where we can put the videos at a higher speed to see more in the same time.

Play voice messages 1x, 1.5x or even 2x faster. Your choice. Now available on WhatsApp.

— WhatsApp (@WhatsApp)

To activate it, we just have to click on the playback button of a voice message; then the playback speed will appear, which by default is 1x, that is, normal speed. If we tap on that ‘1x’ button, we can turn up the speed. First, it’s switched to 1.5x, which is a bit faster than normal, but not that different; it is as if the other person is speaking in a hurry. But if that’s not enough, we can switch to 2x, which is so fast it can be hard for a lot of people to comprehend; but the option is there, and it is very useful when they send us audios of several minutes in length.

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Interestingly, increasing the playback speed does not produce a comical effect, as if they are speaking in a histrionic way. This is thanks to the algorithms of WhatsApp, which are capable of accelerating the audio while maintaining the tone of the person who has sent the message.

This functionality is already available to all WhatsApp users, although it is recommended to first update the app in the Play Store or the App Store to ensure that we have the latest version.

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