10 tips for presenting a project to potential investors

“It is very important to learn how to present,” says Alejandro Durán, a young entrepreneur who, together with Amparo Casamayor, launched Beebrite, a game platform that “helps you be smarter.”

And it is that there are many great businessmen who highlight the importance of knowing how to communicate, of knowing how to make a good presentation when it comes to selling our products or convincing investors. , capable of captivating the audience in his famous lectures.

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For this reason, the financial consulting firm Augeo Consulting Group has launched a decalogue of advice for entrepreneurs to prepare their project presentation speeches. The objective of the work, collected by RRHHPress, is for entrepreneurs to know how to make an ‘Elevator pitch’, as this type of presentation aimed at potential investors is known.

Every entrepreneur should have their ‘Elevator pitch’ ready, because . “It is a brief but well-structured speech that serves to convey a business idea at any opportunity that arises and arouse the interest of those who are in a position to finance our project,” says José Cadenas, head of start-ups at Augeo Consulting Group.

1. Explain the project.

The main characteristics of the project must be transmitted to the potential investor in a few words, directly and concretely. Make the business model very clear.

2. Experience and concerns

It should concisely present your personal experience, your needs, your job ambitions, etc. In short, define who you are. Investors not only want numbers, but it is also very important to know the person we are going to support.

3. Objectives

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A key point, define the reason why you want to launch the project, the objectives and the needs. In this sense, the investor must know what is required of him.

4. It is not a ‘business plan’

It is only a summary, a summary, it is not necessary to detail each aspect. It is necessary to attract attention, and it will be deepened in future meetings.

5. Few but impactful ideas

You only have to break down the fundamental elements of the project. A series of points must be highlighted that identify the opportunity involved in betting on the business.

6. Define the target audience

The market to which the project is directed must be clearly shown. At this point, it is necessary to demonstrate that the sector in which one wishes to enter, the competitors, and the place that we are going to occupy in said context are known.

7. Enthusiasm

You cannot convince the interlocutor if you do not perceive passion in the project. You have to show that you believe in it, and that you put all the time and effort into it.

8. Be prepared

You have to know the project from top to bottom, to know how to answer any question that the potential investor asks. Therefore, it is also necessary to know the weaknesses of the project and have responses and solutions prepared.

9. Concision

Avoid being dispersed in explanations. The concept itself defines it: “how long it takes to travel by elevator”. It must be a brief, precise, concise and unadorned speech.

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10. Post meeting

The objective is to achieve a later meeting to continue advancing in the possible investment. The objective is not so much to sell, but to arouse the interest of the investor, who wants to know more.

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