1814. Mailerlite – .com

Today we are talking about Mailerlite, an interesting alternative email marketing tool to Mailchimp that is very usable and with a very affordable price.

But first, let’s remember that we are entering the final stretch of , in which today we will see how to make loops and the mythical functions. Do not miss it! 🙂

And now yes, let’s talk about , an interesting email marketing tool, with a very affordable price and especially usable, despite having many options that make it “little lite”, but very well presented in a clean interface.

As always, here is the list of the program as a summary:

A tool similar to but more complete and with more possibilities for automation. Is the best? Well, as always, that depends on what we need, since in many cases we will prefer , Mailchimp, or , but in the vast majority of cases it is more than enough.

I recommend you try their free plan, and assess whether it is worth migrating to it, or start using it, if you are not doing inbound marketing yet 🙂

As always, thank you all so much for your five-star ratings on , on , and , subscribing to and for being there, on the other side. Without you this would not be what it is, without you this simply… It would not be!

We’ll hear each other tomorrow, Thursday, with a new online marketing tool. As always, at 07:07. Until then… Very good morning!

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