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During the last year, the Spanish clients of They have increased fifteen times the average use of parcel pick-up services at drop-off points. This alternative to home delivery has proven to be a convenient option that also reports a lower rate of delivery failures as well as a notable decrease in delivery times. To satisfy this trend of its customers, the marketplace doubled its network of collection points in Spaingoing from 2,700 to 5,000.

The AliExpress collection network extends throughout Spain

This network, which already covers the 80% of the main cities of the country, is made up not only of assisted collection points in local establishments, but also of lockers, a service that AliExpress incorporated in September 2021. In addition, it operates thanks to the collaboration with partners such as Celeritas, Mondial Relay or PuntoMOX. These services respond to the purpose of the marketplace of offer a more efficient shopping experiencewhich integrates more flexible and ecological options for consumers.

Out-of-home delivery not only gives our users more choice of where to pick up their order, it also comes with a significant reduction in carbon footprint compared to home delivery” Explain Gary Topp, Sales and Marketing Director of AliExpress in Europe.

AliExpress has opted for this delivery method not only in Spain, but also in Europe. A total of 36,000 collection points are already available in Spain, and ; with a clear objective of continuing to increase the network and reach the 47,500 collection points in Europe by the end of the year

National deliveries in 2 days, the next step for AliExpress

With its sights set on 11.11, also previously known as Singles’ Day, AliExpress has started to make a move. And, it is that, the other great objective of the marketplace for this 2022 is to reduce its maximum delivery time in national orders from AliExpress Plaza.

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“Improving our logistics experience for our users remains one of our priorities ahead of this year’s 11.11/Singles’ Day and we are committed to reducing delivery times to 2 days from our local warehouse,” Topp said.

Currently, most purchases from local businesses are delivered free of charge within 1-3 days. This is largely due to the implemented in recent years. Now, AliExpress is upping the ante and intends to reduce that period to a maximum of 2 days.

Cross-border order bundling arrives

The marketplace has also dealt with the improvement in deliveries of orders from outside of Spain. For this, it has announced that it is putting the finishing touches on a project to “group” orders, which will arrive next August. This option assumes that any order placed on the same day will be managed in a single delivery.

In this way, it is avoided that multiple orders arrive on different dates, saving their transport and also the collection action by the customer. An option that reduces the environmental impact and that can be made on cross-border purchases of more than €12. In addition, delivery is guaranteed within 10 working days, offering a $1 (€0.99) refund for any delay.


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