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The Amazon Pay service allows to optimize the management of payments and shipments of customers in different electronic stores that have it integrated. What it achieves by bringing the usual shopping experience of Amazon customers to other websites that benefit from the service. In addition, this payment processing service offers different functions that facilitate the day-to-day life of customers, let’s see what they deal with.

no more records

One of the annoying aspects of shopping online is the constant need to register for new stores or to enter billing or shipping information. With the integration of this payment service, it will not be necessary to perform either of these two. All Amazon customers have this service, and therefore have your payment and shipping information associated directly with this service.

That said, by introducing Amazon Pay as a payment option, consumers will be able to streamline their checkout process by signing in with their Amazon account. Furthermore, this service It has a multi-platform integration which promotes omnichannel of eCommerce, being present on both mobile devices and computers.

Alexa Integration

Voice assistants like Alexa make users’ daily lives easier by automating notifications, allowing them to spend their time on other things. As Amazon services, Alexa and Amazon Pay have a deep level of integration. In this way, when the delivery of a product managed through Amazon Pay approaches, the voice device .

Said notification may be shown with a yellow ring on the Echo device, or an on-screen advertisement in the case of being configured with some other device. This function allows users a freer management of their orderswithout the need to be doing constant monitoring.

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A centralized process

The main function offered by Amazon Pay, and what we could take as the most important, is the centralization of orders made through this service. Thus, regardless of which store the purchase was made from, you can review the status of the order and track it by entering the . In the same way, being already inside the site of the retail giant, it is possible to verify this information by entering the section of Your orders > Amazon Pay.

Within this aspect we can highlight the adaptability of this service, as it allows its integration with several of the most prominent eCommerce partners. Among which we can count Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce and Magento, also offering a quick and easy implementation.

Security before everything

Security has always been one of the most important aspects for users when making any type of purchase online. Amazon Pay provides a hassle-free and secure checkout process by adhering to .

Similarly, Amazon Pay is considered as an intermediary in any transaction made through its service. Which means that the possibility of the web to obtain any type of sensitive information regarding payments, reaffirming the privacy of user data.

Drive business growth

Finally, and as a result of the previous points, this payment service allows merchants to increase their conversion rates. Which leads to business growth, backed by the trust and reach of the largest eCommerce platform worldwide.

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