How to identify graphene masks with a risk of toxicity that Health asks not to use

The Ministry of Health has recommended the non-use of , after an alert from the Canadian health authorities due to its possible pulmonary toxicity. A recommendation that comes Likewise, the Autonomous Communities have already begun to withdraw the batches of masks identified with graphene.

What is graphene and why can it be toxic in masks

Graphene is a material composed of carbon atoms widely used in various industries for its properties, such as being very light and resistant. However, its use in masks could cause toxicity.

Thus, the National Institute of Health Management (Ingesa) reported the alert launched by the Canadian Ministry of Health, which has verified that graphene has been used in the composition of the manufacture of some masks, for which it considers that there is a possibility of users inhaling particles of that product, something that may pose a risk of pulmonary toxicity, although a full and detailed scientific evaluation is still awaited.

What surgical masks and FFP2 have graphene

The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), following the Canadian alert, has identified that type IIR surgical masks with biomass graphene from the manufacturer Shandong Shenquan New Materials Co. Ltd, China, are being marketed in Spain. Thus, the AEMPS, as a precautionary measure, has requested the voluntary cessation of marketing to the importing and distributing company of these surgical masks with graphene biomass from the manufacturer Shandong Shenquan New Materials Co. Ltd, China.

However, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has also focused on the fact that several autonomous communities have also bought FFP2 Healfiber masks from the same manufacturer. In addition, it points out that although these types of masks are designed for professional use, many of these masks are being used by the general population. In addition, it should be remembered that these masks have the CE marking.

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Which communities have withdrawn these surgical masks and FFP2 with graphene

The use of these surgical masks and FFP2 with graphene has been detected in a good part of the face masks used by officials, such as health workers, police officers or teachers. Thus, regional governments such as those of the Basque Country or Castilla León have already begun the withdrawal of the identified lots. In addition, the Madrid City Council, at the request of the Central Independent Trade Union and Civil Servants (CSIF), has also decided that graphene-containing masks be removed until their possible toxicity is determined.

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