How to make invoices without being self-employed

Self-employment is becoming an option chosen by many people to obtain extra benefits when their work does not bring them enough income. Many people even combine salaried work with teaching or consulting. “But, how do I bill these jobs? Can I make bills without being self-employed?” Many will ask.

As a starting point, it must be taken into account that, as a general rule, any self-employment service will entail the obligation to register as self-employed.

Many workers think that there is an income limit to avoid this procedure, in addition to the expenses that it entails. However, the reality is that there is no minimum, any person who carries out an activity on their own account must register with the RETA or its derivatives.

Do I have to register as self-employed to invoice?

The answer is complicated, since there are some cases in which it is not mandatory to register as self-employed. However, Social Security does not clarify this rule and the requirements are very ambiguous.

Here, a term appears that will mark all the activity: habituality. The Administration says that any worker who carries out an activity on their own account on a regular basis has the obligation to register as self-employed. However, it does not specify how much time spent on business is considered habitual.

For this reason, there is another aspect to take into account. Despite the fact that the rule says that there is no real income limit that does not require registration in the RETA, experts assure that the Inspection will pay more attention to those people who generate income above the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) .

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In other words, if a worker does not dedicate too much time to their activity and, in addition, earns less than 1,000 euros gross, they will probably not be required to be self-employed in order to bill.

This is the case of professionals who offer talks at universities or private teachers, among many others.

So you can make invoices without being self-employed

So, once the problem of which workers must register as self-employed to invoice has been resolved, it is time to learn about the legal process to be able to make an invoice.

To make an invoice without being self-employed, it is necessary to register with the Treasury. That is to say, the Social Security will not demand a rendering of accounts with it, but the Tax Agency will demand a notification.

To do this, it is only necessary for the worker to go to an office of the Tax Agency and present form 036 or 037. Basically, they are the same form, so it is advisable to present the second one, since it is the simplified one.

In the same way, the professional can carry out this procedure electronically, through the Electronic Office of the Tax Agency, where it will only be necessary to have the digital certificate or the Cl@ve system to carry out the process.

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