How to request unemployment online: these are the steps and the amount you will receive

When a person loses his job, his biggest concern at that moment is to guarantee the collection of the contributory unemployment benefit, unemployment, if he is entitled to it. The fastest way to do it, if you meet the necessary conditions, is to do it online.

The Public State Employment Service (SEPE) allows this procedure to be carried out through the Electronic Headquarters, entering through the ‘Persons’ category and accessing the ‘Recognition of the contributory benefit’ service, . In order to carry out the procedure, yes, the citizen must have one of these access methods: digital certificate (), electronic DNI or Cl@ve ().

The operation of this service is simple: once the citizen accesses the method available to him, he has to respond to “a simple form, guided step by step through screens”, in which the applicant must enter all the work and personal information that is needed for the recognition of the benefit.

First, and provided that it has not been sent by the company, the information that appears on the company certificate must be entered. Here are the company data (Social Security Regime, NIF or CIF, company name, CNAE, registered office…), the worker’s data (name and surnames, DNI or NIF, contribution group, type of contract …) and the cause and date of the suspension or termination of employment.

Later, the citizen will be able to inform or modify part of the information that the SEPE has in its possession. Here you must indicate the legal situation of unemployment, the bank details of the applicant (for receiving the benefit), the data for sending notifications (address, email, mobile or landline phone number), the data on family responsibilities and a section of observations that the citizen can fill in if he deems it appropriate.

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With all the added information, the applicant must attach all the attached information that they need and that constitutes mandatory documentation for the recognition of the benefit.

When these steps have been completed, the applicant will receive a summary of the benefit (includes the amount of unemployment and its duration) and the confirmation, which they will have to sign to finish the process. The signature depends on the type of access method chosen:

-If it is through a digital certificate or electronic DNI, it will be done by sending a code to the mobile phone number.

-If it is through Cl@ve, you must enter the access password, then the code sent to the phone and finish the procedure by clicking on ‘Continue’.

The requirements to collect unemployment

In order to receive the contributory unemployment benefit, it is necessary to meet some other condition that . They are the following:

-Be affiliated and registered (or assimilated) to Social Security.

-Be in and subscribe to the .

-Be .

-Have contributed for unemployment at least 360 days within the six years prior to the legal situation of unemployment.

-Not having the .

-Not receiving a pension incompatible with unemployment.

-Do not carry out an activity on their own or as a full-time employee.

Amount and duration of unemployment

The amount of unemployment is equivalent to 70% of the regulatory base (the average of the contribution bases of the 12 months prior to the request) during the first six months. As of the seventh month, this amount is reduced to 50% of the regulatory base.

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The duration of unemployment, explains the SEPE, depends on what has been previously contributed for unemployment during the six years prior to the request for the benefit. With 360 days of contributions, and from that moment on, the duration of the benefit increases up to its maximum amount: 24 months in those cases in which the worker contributed 2,160 days for unemployment.

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