Invisible Box Challenge: the new viral challenge that sweeps social networks

The Invisible Box Challenge either “invisible box challenge” is the new viral challenge that has taken over the Internet and, unlike the previous ones, it will test your coordination and physical abilities.

They have served as a gateway for an infinity of abilities. Every day millions of Internet users show their skills in areas such as dance, music or video games, and often challenge other people to try to follow in their footsteps, confident that their performances are masterful and captivate thousands of people along the way.

A new viral challenge for you to show your skills

Thanks to social networks we have known (and sometimes participated) in viral challenges such as Ice Bucket, The Floor is Lava or Andy’s Comingeven the one that drove the entire internet crazy that awakened the ingenuity of Internet users who remained totally still in the most unlikely postures with “Black Beatles” as background music and that managed to capture celebrities and sports stars from all over the world.

But a few weeks before the end of 2017, the Invisible Box Challenge has arrived, which has managed to unseat all its predecessors and getting over it will be much more difficult than it seems. The challenge consists of step on “an invisible box” with one foot, and move the other without touching the space where the box should be, i.e. jumping with one foot while the other remains motionless as if leaning on the invisible box.

How the Invisible Box Challenge originated

Anderson University football player dontez hines shared the first video in which he showed the Invisible Box challenge, without a doubt quite an achievement, as you can see:

Stepping over you haters like🤚🏽

— complexion (@thecvmevp)

Although this happened a few months ago, this week Ariel, a cheerleader in the United States, managed to viralize it by driving all Internet users who want to try to achieve it crazy. Just 4 days after uploading his video, he has achieved 144,738 retweets and 287,854 “likes”… and counting.

In fact it is quite difficult to achieve this movement, since it requires having a great strength, flexibility and good physical conditionthough some make it seem like magic, while many have failed, and optimists think it just takes some practice.

When a twitter challenge actually goes your way lol

— Emma Della Rocca (@emdelroc)

Yea so…we don’t think this is how the challenge is supposed to work. Maybe it’s the socks 🧐🤕😂

— Champs Sports (@champssports)

maybe next time, Chee.

— sher (@amazinglasagna)

Melissa doing the

— Gary Johns (@gratefuljohns)

How can you overcome the Invisible Box Challenge

has consulted fitness experts to reveal how you can pull off the Invisible Box. According to trainer Scott Laidler, you need a flexible hip, strong abs, and good balance.

But as in everything, there is always a trick that will help you in the process. If you haven’t been able to do the Invisible Box Challenge yet, you can practice with a real box to gain skill. Little by little step less on the box and try to make the movement without pressing it, and once you are sufficiently prepared, upload your video! And share your achievement with the world.


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