Shana online clothing store: opinions and analysis

Catalog diversity


Short delivery times

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Shana is an online clothing store aimed at young people, with interesting proposals, but a lot of room for improvement


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Shana is a . In their catalog they include products with an urban style and the prices if we take into account the Quality of the products and their appearance, we can say that they are balanced. However, for some reason unknown to users you can’t . Is it a touchy subject at Shana? If we take into account that they sell to a young audience, price is an important criterion in a population segment who does not swim in economic abundance.

Beyond this ‘but’, we can say that it is a correct site in its design and visual appearance.

There are no surprises, nothing remarkable. The website is rather mediocre in terms of user experience. Forget a cool! but it is true that the purchase process is agile and simple.

Shana has certain lists that make navigation easy

You orient yourself in the online store through the horizontal top menu and its major categories: girls, boys, kids, accessories, footwear… and they also have a second level with interesting lists that guide you regarding the opportunities they offer and the tastes of previous buyers, such as:

  • Top sales
  • super prices
  • rebates
  • News

Shana’s product sheets

In Shana’s eCommerce they have worked professionally on images. models showing their target. LThey wear the garments in very suggestive poses and attitudes. This makes it easier for products to enter through the eyes.

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The visual impact of its Look Book GYMWEAR SUMMER 15. Do you want to buy, and anticipate in your imagination what will come in 2016? with those outfits It’s so cute it’s easier to get excited about sports, right?

Jokes aside, it is an online fashion store that is quite complete when it comes to Shopping Guide and Customer Service. You see both segments at the bottom of the page and are encouraged to buy because they contain the answers to any questions. Full autonomy.

Shana shipping is fast and expensive (with exceptions)

Shana’s team ships express and standard. The first ones are delivered in Spain in 1 and 2 working days. And the second between 2 and 3 working days, with a cost of €7.60. Shipments to the rest of the countries of the European Union are delivered approximately in 4-6 days, with a somewhat high cost (€5.90), which you can save if your purchase exceeds €40.

To the rest of the countries they arrive in 6-8 days (excluding customs delays). And they kindly warn that the delivery time of the shipments can increase in season of sales or promotions. In addition, they include the possibility of accessing the collection at a (€3.65).

try on your size

While in many places, they still present the sizes in boring tables, here they ask you the centimeters of your waist and determine your size. They use GoSizing to provide this functionality and is appreciated. Yes indeed: Shana products are not built to last. I know from personal experience. But when we are young, who thinks of eternity?

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