Llaollao presents its new franchise model in a more flexible and transportable ‘food truck’ format

New times, new opportunities. With this premise, llaollao, the Murcian frozen yogurt company founded in 2009, which until now had three franchise models (store, kiosk and Petit llaollao), adds a new option: the food truck.

It is a business model focused on a franchisee profile that seeks to invest in a small space, since it occupies only 6 square meters, but fully equipped and prepared to offer the variety and quality that characterizes the llaollao product, with the particularity, and advantage, that all the elements that make up the food truck are completely portable.

“At llaollao we are always thinking of new strategies and possibilities so that anyone who wants to can become a franchisee, that’s why we realized that we had a very interested profile but that the existing franchise models, for one or another reason, they didn’t fit: that’s how the food truck was born”, says Pedro Espinosa, founder of the company.

It is the perfect alternative for those investors who are looking for a flexible business that adapts to them and to the new times, with a minimum investment of time and technical and material resources, since to start providing service, food trucks only need a plug. In this way, “llaollao can be present in any location, thus saving the situation facing the restoration, affected by the high prices of the real estate market, or the short-term rental contracts that are currently being offered”, he comments your CEO.

Another of the characteristics of this new franchise is the ease with which it is accessed, since it is delivered ready to start working. It has a fixed price: 45,900 euros and, if desired, it can be fully financed, so “it is a model designed for those who want to start their franchise with us as soon as possible and without worries, ideal for those who want a second business and want to invest in llaollao, or for those who want to invest in self-employment, or in a small business with one or two employees,” continues Espinosa.

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Llaollao, which is present in 25 countries with a total of 232 franchises, will offer with this new option the same characteristics, products and menu as any other company establishment, but with the peculiarities that make it accessible to all types of investors.

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