Mercadona ‘copies’ the recipe for one of Lay’s most acclaimed potatoes

Fully committed to continuing to lead the Spanish market share for this 2022, Mercadona remains faithful to its style of, either allying itself or, to continue increasing its relationship with its customers. Everything to give the highest possible quality at the best price, which this time has made the Valencian chain look towards one of the largest multinationals in the world of snacks: Lay’s.

In every house there should always be a bag of chips. Perfect to accompany any dish, as well as to ‘snack’ between meals, this product is always a must in supermarkets. For this reason, the immense variety of formats, flavors and brands, among which are also those of the chains.

Some white brands that, with regard to snacks, Mercadona always trusts its faithful Landlord. The watchword par excellence of the chain run by Juan Roig, who on this occasion has focused on one of the most classic flavors of Lay’s to bring out the latest novelty from it.

This is how Mercadona’s ‘peasant’ potatoes are

Some country crisps that are reminiscent both in name and in the color of the bag, green, of the peasants of the brand owned by PepsiCo. With a preparation based on tomato, spices and peppers, they also contain sunflower oil with a high content of oleic acid, which means that its flavor is also similar to those marketed throughout the world.

Each bag of country potatoes only costs 1 euro

Of course, with soy, milk and aspartame (sweetener) which is a source of phenylalanine, Mercadona warns by highlighting these three products against possible allergies or intolerances. In addition, the labeling recommends consumption on the same day the bag is opened, since the potatoes can lose flavor and texture once they are in direct contact with the outside air.

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Regarding its size, each bag of chips contains around 130 grams of content that is sold for just 1 euro. A usual price in this type of Mercadona snacks, with which the chain promotes its products during the first days of going out on the shelves.

Who is behind Mercadona country potatoes

Some potatoes with which Mercadona intends to ‘copy’ the success of Lay’s and for which it has relied, far from other alliances in the chain, on a foreign company. Of Portuguese origin, it is the company that manufactures this product.

Based in Tentúgal, on the outskirts of Coimbra, this company is specialized in the production of crisps and other snacks with a presence in Spain, France and Africa, as well as Portugal. Proof of its success, key to the union with Mercadona, are its commercial brands such as Mr. Basilio or Douradas, with which it has a long history of leadership in the Portuguese country.

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