Merlin, Logista, Mediaset… the dividends to watch between now and the end of the summer

The month of July closes, and with it another handful of attractive dividends from the Spanish stock market, such as those of , or . It is about to pay its shareholders, who on Tuesday, August 2, will deliver their usual scrip to those investors who have chosen to receive it in cash. It is too late to enter the value and pocket this payment, since the cut-off date is long past. But there are still interesting rewards between now and the end of the summer, and that there is time to buy.

From now until the end of the hottest season of the year – which ends on September 23 – they will distribute dividends, with dates and amounts already confirmed, (August 12), (August 24) and (September 21). But it is especially striking on August 18, which amounts to 0.75 euros per share. This amount offers a return of 7.2%. This lucrative payment is a consequence of the sale of BBVA’s office portfolio by the socimi. Attention, because whoever wants to pocket it must buy before August 4.

, for its part, has confirmed its dividend this week. The last day to buy is August 9. The company has agreed to this payment in line with its new dividend policy, which eliminates the corset to its payout: it will be able to distribute up to 100% of the profit, as long as it does not exceed its own leverage limits. Last Tuesday, the pulp manufacturer published profits of 44.7 million in the first half of the year, compared to losses of 195 a year ago.

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Logista will deliver 0.43 euros on August 24, and at current prices this amount offers a return of 2.1%. The company maintains its calendar: it traditionally pays twice a year, the first interim dividend in August, and the complementary one in February. This payment of 0.43 euros improves the same delivery last year by 5%. Its total dividend charged to 2022 will be, predictably, 4.8% higher than that of 2021, and will yield 6.5%. The company is listed in the pre-pandemic maximum area, around 20.1 euros.

Also announced is the Mediaset dividend, which will deliver 0.05 euros per share on September 21, after two years of pay break. The return on this payment amounts to 1.5%. The media group has plummeted more than 33% on the stock market since its annual maximum, which it touched in March.

For its part, it has not yet confirmed its next dividend, which the market expects on August 23, according to Bloomberg. This delivery would amount to 0.34 euros, whose yield stands at 1.2%. The group is currently trading near its yearly highs, which it hit in January.

Nor has it made public the details of its next dividend, which Bloomberg places just after the end of the summer season, on September 28. The 0.065 euros that the bank is expected to distribute allow 1.3% to be pocketed.

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