From what age can you retire: these are the possible cases

One of the most frequently asked questions from people at the end of their careers is when they will be able to retire. This is a question that does not have a single answer: the retirement age depends both on the type of retirement itself and on the personal circumstances of each worker.

The new year has brought with it changes in this regard, as a result of the application of the , which provides for raising the retirement age to 67 years in some cases based on a progressive calendar that raises said age (since 2013, the first year in which that its effects were felt) until reaching the final objective.

This is why by 2022 all people who want to retire will have to do so at 66 years and two months if they have not reached 37 years and six months of previous contributions. The age drops to 65 years if the worker has managed to complete that previous contribution period.

The change, year in which a lower age was required to retire and a lower limit of years of contributions was imposed to determine said age: 66 years for those who had less than 37 years and three months of contributions and 65 years for the rest of workers .

The minimum age for early retirement

Other types of retirement also require access to a minimum age, as is the case of early retirement, which takes place before the ordinary retirement age:

-In the case of voluntary early retirement, those that have an advance of up to two years with respect to the ordinary retirement age, the minimum retirement age will be 64 years and two months if 37 years and six months of contributions are not reached and 63 years for workers who do prove that contribution period.

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-In the case of early retirement derived from a non-voluntary cessation of work (also called involuntary), the advance can be up to four years, so the minimum retirement age in these situations is 62 years and two months for people who have not reached 37 years and six months of contributions and 61 years for people who have completed that period.

-The early retirement age of certain professions may be even lower due to their danger, hardship or toxicity. This is the case of miners, firefighters at the service of the Administration, bullfighters, artists, railway personnel, aerial work flight personnel, bullfighters, artists, local police, members of the Ertzaintza or Sea Workers. The Social Security that contains all personalized regulations for each profession. In the most extreme cases, the early retirement age can be as high as 52 years.

Finally, the 2011 reform will also be noted in the age of access to partial retirement, which allows combining the collection of a pension with a part-time contract. In this case, the minimum age for these retirements with a relief contract will be 63 years and four months for people who do not reach a contribution of 35 years and six months and 62 years and two months for workers who do accumulate that quotation.

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