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Multiópticas has launched the sale of prescription glasses onlinewhich is complemented by the service ‘Delivery glasses’. With this, the company is a pioneer in establishing a model for the sale of prescription glasses through the online channel that allows the frames to be tested beforehand at home, free of charge, if the client so wishes.

The company advances in this way in its digital transformation plan started in 2018 when it launched the online sales channel for sunglasses, contact lenses, contact lens liquids and accessories, with an investment of 1 million euros, and which sought to reach a greater number of consumers who could access its products. In 2019, Multiópticas added to its online services the virtual eyeglass fitting, both sun and graduated, and the appointment service. It is in 2020 when the company takes a new step by launching the ‘Delivery Glasses’ service and the online sales channel for prescription glasses.

According to Carlos Crespo, General Director of Multiópticas, “the company takes a significant leap in its digital transformation, which began two years ago, to respond to the new needs of consumers, who increasingly use digital channels to purchase all kinds of products. We are aware that our digital transformation makes us a benchmark, and this forces us to do an excellent job to meet the expectations generated in the market and in our customers, as well as to continue positioning ourselves as leaders in this sector”.

Customers will have 7 days to test the glasses

Multiópticas has incorporated the new “Delivery Glasses” service and the graduate sales channel with a design in line with the existing one, with simplicity and usability being its main characteristics.

The “Delivery Glasses” service, of which the company is a pioneer, allows the user to You can request the test at home of prescription glasses, choosing through the web at least 3 glasses and up to a maximum of 5. The user receives the selected glasses at home and has 7 days to try them. Once tried, you have the option to buy the glasses you decide and proceed to pay online, or you can also return them, Multiópticas taking care of collecting them at home. This service is totally free for the user.

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In addition to this test service at home, the purchase of graduated glass through the web is also added. The procedure is the next:

  • First of all, the user chooses the glasses, with the option of virtual try-on or try-on at home through the ‘Delivery Glasses’ service. You can choose them with or without graduation.
  • In a second step, the user chooses the type of lenses, the filters to apply, etc.
  • In the third step, the user enters the graduation, for which you need to have the prescription of the specialist in ophthalmology or the optician. Once the graduation has been entered, the channel allows you to save this graduation for use in later purchases. If the user does not have prescription With Graduation, Within the same purchase process, you can request an appointment with your nearest Multiópticas optician or your usual company optician to attend the graduation in person. In addition, in this step the interpupillary distance (DIP). If the user does not have it, he can obtain it online by accessing his measurement via webcam following some simple instructions.
  • Finally, the user makes the payment through a bank card or PayPal, and decides if he wants to receive the glasses at his home or at his usual Multiópticas optician through the service Click&Collect.

This omnichannel operation means that the physical establishments and the ecommerce channel feed each other in several ways: on the one hand, the billing of the sale made online has a direct impact on the Multiópticas store closest to the customer or on their usual Multiópticas store; and on the other, the physical optician continues to be the nerve center where the optical professional acts as a visual health prescriber, advises on new fashion trends, performs the graduation if the client does not have it, or makes any type of subsequent adjustment that require glasses, thus offering a comprehensive service.

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According to Carlos Crespo“the digital transformation of Multiópticas does not end with this launch, but rather represents a point and followed to continue advancing, to continue learning and incorporating new services that allow us to improve communication with our customers”.

The arrival of this new online sales service is part of a renewal process that also began in physical stores. “Our establishments have been renovated and go beyond being optical centers to use. Our opticians have become comfortable spaces where there is a perfect symbiosis between eye health care and advice on the latest fashion trends”, says Carlos Crespo.

a successful channel

Since the company launched ecommerce in 2018, the results of sales through this channel have been positive: turnover in 2019 was 20% higher than in 2018, which means that the customer spends 1 out of every 5 euros on the internet. Sales figures have continued to grow even more since March 2020 as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has meant that online sales of contact lenses and hygiene liquids have multiplied by 15 and those of reading glasses with a blue light filter have grown by 11%.

The confinement not only generated a rise in sales through the online channel, but it has also highlighted the importance given by users to web services: Multiópticas arranged more than 10,000 online appointments from March to May 2020, more than 6,000 daily tests through the virtual changing room, and in the month of May, specifically, the virtual eyewear tester recorded more than 200,000 tests.

“As a consequence of Covid-19, in Spain we have advanced in digital development in three months what we would have advanced in 5 years. In addition, there has been an important change in the online buyer: age barriers have been broken. In fact, 77% of those over the age of 60 shopped online during lockdown. In addition, in these months the inquiries from our customers about the sale of prescription glasses have increased by 75%. Analyzing changes in user behavior and listening to our customers has led us to speed up the launch of our online graduate sales channel,” he says. Carlos Crespo.

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