Pablo Iglesias asks for compensation of 5,316 euros per month as former Vice President of the Government

The current candidate of United We Can to the Madrid Assembly, Pablo Iglesias, has requested compensation of around 5,316 euros per month for 15 months, the time he has been in that role from January 13, 2020 to March 31, 2021 In total, one year, two months and 18 days.

This is confirmed by the portal, after making a request to the Office of Conflicts of Interest to find out if Pablo Iglesias had requested to collect this compensation. The rest of the ministers do not have a life salary, but they can request compensation upon leaving office that they can receive during the same time they have performed their functions.

With all this, Pablo Iglesias would receive 80% of the salary he received until now for the position held. The salary granted by the General State Budgets for this 2021 as vice president was 79,746.24 euros per year, with a gross monthly salary of 6,645.52 euros.

If Iglesias collects this compensation, he will not be eligible for other public or private income. The reality is that he could not collect it if he obtains the act of him as a deputy in the Madrid Assembly. To continue collecting it, he would not have to collect the act of him as a regional deputy.

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