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In this photography course we learn everything necessary to take professional photographs both for our projects and for our clients.

Knowing how to take good, high-quality professional photos is crucial. Whether they are photos for your corporate website, to share on your social networks, or even for your eCommerce products. It is a vital issuebecause it can really make a difference with the rest of the competitors in the sector.

Users are sick of seeing the same stock photos everywhere, and the same product photos that every eCommerce uses over and over again. Do own photos with own charismadepending on your corporate identity It is, without a doubt, a success in every way.

Throughout 10 lessons, Antonio Prado, our endearing photography teacher, who you already know from the Photoshop course and the Lightroom course, goes to the origin of everything: Taking pictures. We will see everything! The camera, the objectives, accessories, the light, the camera modes, the composition, technique, processing… A course in which you will learn so much that you can even consider dedicating yourself to photography professionally.

Remember that if you will have access to everybody the courses and you can also enjoy everything from .

All chapters in this course:

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