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2020 says goodbye with one last big business operation in the digital sector: in the year of the billionaire purchase of o , Red Ventures, the comparator division of the British holding company Zoopla, has just announced the acquisition of Penguin Portals and Preminen from the Admiral Group for 508 million pounds, about 560 million euros.

Penguin Portals and Preminen form a global network of financial services comparators that operate in , Spain, and Mexico and that, in addition, have the support of Admiral Technologies as a technological center from India. the deal includes 100% of Rastreator.comonline insurance broker and leading comparator in the Spanish market, until now owned by the Admiral Group and the insurer Mapfre. The deal will also affect Confused.comthe Group’s first comparator launched in the United Kingdom in 2002, tracker.comthe French comparator Lelynx.fr, in addition to Tracker.mxthe Group’s latest release.

Why is this operation so important?

Basically, because it creates a mega-giant in the comparator sector worldwide.

On the one hand we have the pre-existing business of Zoopla, which includes USwitch or Money.co.uk. On the other hand, comparison businesses owned by the Admiral Group were grouped under Penguin Portals in 2019, forming the largest network of financial products and services comparison platforms in the world.

This network of comparison platforms is made up of two Groups: Penguin Portals and Preminem. Penguin Portals Limited, is a subsidiary company of Admiral Group plc, which is engaged in comparison in United Kingdom (confused.com), Spain (Tracker.com), and France (Lelynx.com). Also part of this holding is Admiral Technologies, a company dedicated to providing global technological support located in the India.

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Penguin Portals Limits is closely related to Preminem, a subsidiary of Admiral Group plc that also forms a joint venture with Mapfre, which is responsible for incubating new comparison startups as they grow. In recent years, the presence in other markets has accelerated, with the launch of Rastreator.mx, in Mexico, under the Preminem umbrella.

Elena Betes, Founder of Rastreator and CEO of Penguin Portals, as well as the Penguin management team will continue to do business as usual. As the company explained in a statement, “Penguin Portals will continue to work with the same goal: to help its clients make the best decisions about their financial products. However, the acquisition will allow the holding company to increase its capacity for growth and development.”

Betés herself has explained that «Penguin Portals and RVU share the same purpose and passion: empowering users to make the best decisions. I know I speak for the entire ‘Penguin family’ when I say that We are delighted with the road ahead of us.

Our users and our teams are fundamental and are always at the center of everything we do. At Penguin Portals we share the same culture, and I am sure that our ambition and great adaptability, which has been evident during this year, will continue to grow in the future. I know that with the support of RVU, we will be able to become stronger, develop our potential and help more users around the world.«.

Rastreator, a classic of the Spanish digital sector

Long ago the basset hound of Tracker became the hallmark of one of the most popular search engines in Spain in fields as diverse as insurance, loans or Internet connection services. A company that has been evolving since its birth in 2008, as the digitization of consumption habits progressed, and that since 2016 has been directed by its CEO Fernando Summers (Cordova, 1979).

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Rastreator allows users to contract the insurance that best suits their needs through comparison, with the recommendation and advice of experts. In addition, it allows you to compare telephone rates, financial products such as loans, accounts or mortgages, as well as energy, travel or car rates. Tracker currently has a staff of more than 130 employees and is headquartered in Madrid.

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