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Site Tools course in which we see how to manage our hosting, domains and websites easily and simply with this great tool.

Whether we only have one web project or several, or manage our clients’ websites, it is ideal to have a single environment from which we can create, configure and manage all services.

With Site Tools we can have everything organized in a simple way (hosting, domains and websites), give access to our clients or collaborators, or even request it in the case that it is the client who uses the tool.

Throughout 10 classes we are going to see how to organize several sites under the same user, either with own or shared hosting, as well as file and database management, either through FTP, PHPMyAdmin or SSH.

We will also learn how to improve the speed of our sites, thanks to NGINX systems, dynamic caching systems, Memcached or even Cloudfare.

But speed without control is useless, so we will also learn to improve the security of our sites, thanks to SSL management, as well as IP blocking, URL protection, and even proactively scanning all files.

For WordPress fans, we will not only see how we can install it with a few clicks, but also how to create test environments, migrate it, update it and modify it. And the same with several dozen other applications, such as Magento, Prestashop or MediaWiki.

We will also see how to manage domains, either to modify them, redirect them, temporarily create them with a subdomain, modify DNS records, or even change the entire domain of an existing hosting.

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We will even see an alternative statistics tool to Google Analytics, which although simpler, more than enough to know our traffic, visits, user behavior and even behavior.

Finally, we will see how to manage email accounts: Creation, forwarding, automatic responses, filters, and anti spam. Don’t miss anything!

As you can see, a 100% practical course in which we will learn to easily manage our online projects, or those of our clients. Go for it!

Remember that if you will have access to everybody the courses and you can also enjoy everything from .

All chapters in this course:

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