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The supervision and training technology Smowltech has recently closed a investment round of 1.65 million euros. The investment has been led by the Social Stock Fund, a social impact fund that supports the growth of young companies, and Spermmind VC, a Finnish fund that focuses on technology education. wayraTelefónica’s open innovation hub, was another of the investors participating in the round.

Smowltech will be able to further develop its online exam proctoring technology

This will help the startup to continue implementing innovations in its supervision technology, to strengthen its product and marketing teams and to consolidate its presence in Spain and Latin America, its two main markets.

Smowltech develops a technology capable of verifying the identity of the user continuously through biometric data. This makes it possible for online training companies verify the identity of their students and monitor their behavior during the evaluation.

Supervision solutions such as those offered by Smowltech play a fundamental role in the credibility and quality of online training companies, since greatly reduce the risks of fraud during a remote assessment. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic affected all training organizations, making digital channels the only way available to continue with the training of students. Digital transformation has had to develop rapidly in recent years and solutions like this are presented as the way forward in the future and in the present.

Technologies that facilitate access to education

Smowltech was born in San Sebastian in 2012, however, its history goes back many years, to 1994, when its founder Ricardo Vea worked as director of human resources in a company. That was when he began to perceive the need to evaluate and train workers online, while maintaining integrity and credibility of the results, as is done in the face-to-face case.

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Years later, in 2010, Vea moved into the field of cybersecurity and the idea that had begun to take shape in his head took shape again. The identification and monitoring they could be useful tools for training and evaluation or proctoring on-lineand not only in the workplace, but also in the academic field.

This tool developed by Smowltech is able to integrate into the users system easily.. With it you can identify and verify that the user being evaluated is the same all the time, as well as verify their proper behavior by providing proof of compliance with the rules. At the end of the evaluation, the platform delivers a complete report with all the elements that were supervised.

Currently, it supports more than 100 educational institutions and companies in European and Latin American countries. This solution provides the necessary guarantees in online learning or selection processes (exams, certifications, recruitment, etc.).

On the other hand, the remote education overcomes the physical barriers that limit people with disabilities, as well as remove geographical barriers for those students who live in rural or remote places, especially for those from developing countries. Thanks to solutions like this, low-income students could study without thinking about travel or accommodation costs during training programs.

Ricardo Seefounder and CEO of Smowltech, declares that they are “committed to achieve a world with access to quality education, reducing the barriers that prevent it, thus creating better opportunities for all. We are sure that solutions like ours really have a positive impact on users’ lives. Sharing these types of values, which are the basis of our business at Smowltech, allows us to continue innovating and improving the quality of our service”.

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Image: Smowltech

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