The best luxury footwear brands in review

Talking about luxury footwear is talking about craftsmanship, heels and designers committed to fashion. There are many shoe firms that bet on all these premises, but few really penetrate the most remarkable fashionista universe.

Luxury footwear is in fashion

1.Christian Louboutin

Obviously, it is impossible to talk about luxury shoes and not mention the “ace” with red soles. Christian Louboutin is a Parisian designer who loved nature and drawing from a very young age. This led him to opt for the highest quality footwear design. His career, in this sense, began by fitting the dancers of the Music? paris hall. He quickly realized that his designs were extremely valued, which made him take a risk and open his own shop in the 1990s.

His designs began to appear on the catwalk to complement the great fashion collections of the most prestigious designers. And so the classic red soles of her emerged. The color of her soles has earned her worldwide recognition, but it has also been the cause of the multitude of litigations that the firm has had to address. Without a doubt, her heels, up to 16 centimeters high, are the most used by celebrities around the world.

2. Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik is a Canarian footwear designer. The success and the greater recognition of it is due to Carrie Bradshaw, the main writer of the series “Sex in New York”. In 1973, he opens his first shoe store in Chelsea, London. And since then his life has revolved around spectacular designs and infinite heels. The waiting lists to buy his shoes are enormous because all the production is handmade. Each of his signature sketches are drawn by himself, who after carving the last in wood sends them to Italy, where they are made by artisan hands.

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3. Jimmy Choo

Shoe designer Jimmy Choo and the famous editor of Vogue magazine Tamara Mellon are responsible for this prestigious shoe brand. The firm is relatively young, since its creation dates back to 1996. This British brand is well received by fashion lovers. Currently, Choo is dedicated to designing the house’s couture shoes.

4. Aquazzura

Aquazzura is one of the youngest luxury footwear brands with the greatest projection on the current market. These shoes, made in Italy, are designed by Edgardo Osorio, who is already positioned as the new Manolo Blahnik. Osorio is committed to comfort and style, without neglecting elegance. The fact that many celebrities have resorted to his designs to attend countless events has made Aquazzura become one of the most prestigious brands of the moment. In addition, the shoes of this firm are imitated ad nauseam by low cost brands.

5.Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman is the luxury footwear firm that is manufactured in Spain. Elda, in Alicante, is the place where this house has its manufacturing and production headquarters. The fashion campaigns of this shoe brand cause expectation every season. Currently, Weitzman has announced that he is leaving the creative direction of the brand, giving way to Giovanni Morelli as creative director. However, Stuart Weitzman is not disassociating himself from the firm, since he will remain as president of the brand.

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