The five most incredible glass bridges in the world (only suitable for the most daring)

Throughout history, bridges have always been the best solution to shorten the route and get from one point to another in the shortest possible time. However, in recent years, these incredible constructions that fly over ravines and cross rivers have also become interesting tourist attractions in themselves, especially if the bridges are made of glass, since the feeling they generate for those who pass through them is of pure adrenaline.

Today, we can find glass walkways in many parts of the world, however, Indie Campers, one of the leading motorhome and camper van rental platforms in Spain and Europe, collects below some of the most incredible and impressive transparent bridges in the world only suitable for the most daring:

Hotel Riu Plaza de Espana, Madrid

The Rio Plaza de España hotel in the capital inaugurated in August 2019, a glass walkway located 28 stories high, or what is the same, 117 meters above the ground. The bridge, only suitable for people without vertigo, is just above the hotel’s sky bar and its outdoor pool and, from it, we can see the areas of Malasaña, Conde Duque or the Four Towers that are at the other end of the city. .

Huangchuan, China

With more than 2,000 glass bridges, China has become one of the countries with the most constructions of this type. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is also the longest glass bridge in the world. If we want to visit it, we will have to go to the Lianzhiu region where this glass bridge, which measures 526 meters long and is suspended 100 meters above the Three Gorges of Huangchuan, was inaugurated in 2020. Its three layers of laminated glass support up to 2,000 people simultaneously and the weight of vehicles. In fact, at the opening ceremony, two cars from a local company walked the runway, weighing together around four tons.

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Zhangjiajie, China

In this other Chinese town there is another impressive glass bridge that, with its 430 meters long and 360 meters high, is one of the tallest and widest bridges in the world. It is estimated that 8,000 people a day can pass through it and it is capable of simultaneously supporting 800 people. This glass bridge, which crosses the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, was opened in 2016 and has three long swings and a bungee jumping area at its bottom.

The Glacier Skywalk, Canada

If we visit Jasper National Park in Canada, we can walk across this ‘U’-shaped glass bridge, located 280 meters high that offers us impressive views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It was built in 2014 and since then it has become a major attraction in the area, allowing you to observe the wildlife that is at your feet.

Grand Canyon Skywalk, United States

The Colorado Canyon, United States, has a glass walkway located 1,300 meters above the ground. The bridge, inaugurated in 2007, offers unparalleled views of the area since, thanks to its horseshoe shape, it was introduced 22 meters horizontally over the Colorado River. The bridge can hold up to 800 people, although for security reasons only 120 people are allowed to access it simultaneously. In addition, the walkway resists winds of up to 120 kilometers per hour and earthquakes that occur within a radius of 50 miles.

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