The meaning of some of the most common tattoos among criminals

Swastikas, acronyms, numbers, drawings… many criminals get out of jail with tattoos that mean nothing to many, but that mean something to them, usually one of their misdeeds. But what exactly does it mean?

The Business Insider portal has made an article in which it captures some of the most popular tattoos among criminals and their meaning. Here are some of them:

1488. This number is very common among white supremacists and prisoners who claim to be Nazis. The 14 represents 14 words, spoken by Nazi leader David Lane: “We must ensure the existence of our people and the future of white children.” The 8 represents the eighth letter of the alphabet, the ax, so 88=HH which, in turn, stands for ‘Heil Hitler’.

a spider web A spider web usually means a long stay in prison. With a spider web, usually on the elbow or neck, they want to express that they feel trapped behind bars or that they have been in prison for so long that even cobwebs have come out. BI points out that if he ever sees a colored web, that is artistic, since in prison they are only made in black.

Tears. It is one of the most common tattoos, although its meaning varies depending on its geographical location. In some places it means a long sentence; in others, that the tattooed man has committed a murder. If only the edge of the tear is drawn, it can mean two things: either that the tattooed person has made an assassination attempt or that one of his friends has been killed and is now seeking revenge.

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A five-pointed crown. It is the symbol of the members who belong to the Latin Kings gang, one of the biggest gangs in the US (although it is also present in other countries), based in Chicago. Other details of the crown, such as the colors or the jewels, can have a deeper meaning, such as your status within the band.

A clock without hands. This tattoo is very obvious, it means that they do not feel the passage of time. It is common among prisoners who have very long stays in prison. Although many tattoos of this type can be seen, those that have been made in prisons are usually those found in the areas close to the hands.

The Em. The word ‘Eme’ or an ‘M’ is the symbol of the Mexican Mafia. They are very numerous in US prisons. The Eme did not begin in Mexico but with the Mexican-Americans who met in American prisons.

FINISH Acronym that is usually found in British prisoners and that means ‘All Cops Are Bastards’ (All cops are bastards, we could say).

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